Obama shifts focus to jobs and taxes, away from debt talks

President Barack Obama appeared in the Rose Garden this afternoon, shortly after the Senate approved the debt-ceiling deal. He called on Washington to help jump start the U.S. economy.

“Both parties share power in Washington, and both parties need to take responsibility for improving this economy,” Obama said. That responsibility, he added, “ought to be enough to get all of us in this town to do the jobs we were sent here to do.”

In his brief statement, the president tried to shift the subject from the debt ceiling fight to job creation. He also showcased some of his themes for the coming 2012 race.

These themes included an effort to portray himself as the people’s champion in a partisan, gridlocked Washington, and his description of the economy as hobbled by outside forces including street riots in Syria, the earthquake in Japan, the rising price of oil, and partisan disputes in Washington. “These are things we could not control,” Obama said.

“It’s pretty likely that the uncertainty surrounding the raising of the debt ceiling — for both businesses and consumers — has been unsettling, and just one more impediment to the full recovery that we need … it was something that we could have avoided entirely,“ Obama said from the podium.

The president described the debt ceiling deal as a down payment on deficit reduction, and said he would use the second stage of the deal to push for a “balanced approach,” ensuring that wealthy companies and individuals pay more in taxes. In the second stage, a 12-member congressional committee will draft plans to reduce federal deficits by $1.5 trillion over the next 10 years.

“Everyone is going to have to chip in … That’s the principle I’ll be fighting for in the next phase of this process,” he said.

Senate Democrats, including Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid and New York Sen. Chuck Schumer, championed the same pivot away from budget talks and toward job creation. (RELATED: Debt deal passes Senate, moves along to President Obama)

“The number one job for Congress is creating jobs for the American people,” Reid told reporters during a Capitol Hill press conference, only a few minutes before the president walked to the Rose garden.

  • R_nardi

    Gosh, I hope Oblunder doesn’t focus on jobs. Last time he did that, he duped American into spending trillions on “shovel ready jobs” that never materialized, extension of unemployment benefits, sending more money to states to give away, etc., etc.,etc., ad naseum.  We have about $5T in deficit spending, a flawed health care law that we needed to pass in order to find out what was in it, massive deficits as far into the future as the eye can see and continued NO recovery and high unemployment. Why would ANYBODY give this guy more money to waste?

  • JPalm

    How many Millionares & Billionares FLEW to OBAMA”S birthday party in PRIVATE JETS????????????

  • jonathan galt

    When are we going to get over this farce that government creates jobs or there is any such thing as a jobs bill? If anything, government hinders job creation through over regulation and taxation. You could give my company a million dollars today and it would nor create job one. In fact, it would be irresponsible to utilize the money to hire anyone until it could be justified numerous ways on spreadsheets and budgets. Jobs may online justified if they create, directly or indirectly, increased revenue. Every cog in the business machine ultimately has to help increase profit. Anybody that tells you differently, is not running a business or soon will not be running a business.

    Second, soon after signing the debt deal Obama met with union leaders. Unions are job killers plain and simple. With all of the government agencies, laws and regulations, workers are protected. When companies have to figure in 20 -30k extra to hire someone and then add thousands in compliance cost to employee them due to government or union obligations, you hire fewer people. When your businesses in certain states like California face paying union wages to cashiers and custodians, they create fewer jobs. Public sector unions are unethical. When a politician makes a deal with a psu they are necessarily negotiating against the taxpayer who pays their wages. When a sanitation worker goes on strike, they violate a tax contract the public has when agreeing to pay for said service.

  • Cathy

    Obama’s like a “laser beam” on jobs for the American people.  How Many Times Have We Heard That One, People.  Urr, three years now.  Oh, but wait, it’s soon election time, quick let’s play catch up.

  • Anonymous

    Here’s what he really meant:  I’m shifting my focus to MY job and raising YOUR taxes.

  • sundfarm

    Obama’s laser focus on jobs has resulted in no jobs…maybe he could laser focus on the debt?  Oh wait, the debt/spending works for him..worlds largest vote buying scheme ever!

  • jim

    ocommie has been mumbling about jobs and taxes for the last three years but the only jobs the commie has created are for the communist unions and his big goberment pals every time I see his big purple lips  start to  flap I change the channel I cant stand to hear this lying bastard

  • http://www.facebook.com/jennifer.overington Jennifer Prokhorov

    Jobs, taxes and debt are all in some sense imaginary topics… Obama may as well be discussing fairies and goblins. The physical nature of reality and real money is that without work all hopes land only upon dreams. The way to turn around the economy is to generate real, physical, measurable work. Have real production match consumption. 

  • Anonymous

    The debt ceiling bill is just window
    dressing and does not address the core and fundamental problem which
    is the bloated federal bureaucracy. If the debt problem was being
    addressed correctly it would result in the downsizing or elimination
    of departments and many employees. I would anticipate that enough
    redundancy, waste, duplication or worthless services, would be
    identified that their elimination would quickly bring the budget into
    balance. It would certainly cause an uptick in the unemployment
    number but I would expect that the unemployed in the private sector
    would not shed a tear.


    As part of the process in identifying
    federal programs and departments that should be cut or eliminated,
    the Republicans should use the same criteria that insurance companies
    must meet in Obamacare. Specifically the maximum that is allowed for
    admin expenses is 20% of the premiums collected and benefits paid
    out. Given that the government does not have to meet a bottom-line
    profit to stay in business, let alone grow, I would suggest that the
    admin expenses for government programs be limited to 15% of the
    benefits(if they even exist) provided. Each department should be
    required to build a “Zero-based budget” plan to justify both
    its existence and spending programs based upon measurable objectives
    and returns. I expect this would cut or eliminate many departments,
    and duplicate and useless programs. I also expect that there would be
    much waste found in the administration of the “entitlement
    programs”. By removing this it could make a major contribution to
    dealing with Medicare, Medicaid and Social Security running out of