Palin: ‘I do not have respect’ for Romney’s debt-deal performance

Sarah Palin knocked presidential candidate Mitt Romney for waiting until the debt-ceiling compromise was a “done deal” before speaking out against it.

“Bless his heart, I have respect for Mitt Romney, but I do not have respect for what he has done through this debt increase debate,” she said Tuesday night in a Fox News interview.
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“He waited until it was a done deal that we would increase the debt ceiling and more money would be spent, more money borrowed and then spent on bigger government,” the former Alaska governor said. “And then he came out and he made a statement that ‘oh he didn’t like the deal after all.’”

On Monday, Romney said, “While I appreciate the extraordinarily difficult situation President Obama’s lack of leadership has placed Republican Members of Congress in, I personally cannot support this deal.”

Palin said that was too late to matter.

“Doggone it, I want these candidates who are in there,” she said. “I want them to not be sitting back.

“So Mitt Romney and other candidates, you need to get out there, you need to tell the electorate what you really feel about these issues.”

During the Tuesday night interview with Sean Hannity, Palin said she’s getting closer to deciding whether she will run for president.

  • joe

    Palin /Rubio couldn’t win an election in Cuba



    • Slappyman77


  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_SNNGR7SSQYE53NHYVIIS3F3DBI Jim M

    Palin announces September 3rd, goes to the debate at the Reagan Library, refuses to answer any substantive question, her adoring supporters flood Wikipedia the next day with updates on her magnificent, winning  performance, we all have another good laugh (except for her adoring few), Palin gets called for more “jury duty” in Alaska, and drops out of the race. No one notices her absence since her adoring supporters are still busy with their Wikipedia “corrections” to history.

  • truebearing

    The fact that Palin is 1.000.000,000 % correct about Romney’s laying in the weeds won’t stop the DC dummies from making fools of themselves pointing out things that weren’t true to begin with, and aren’t even remotely relevant to this topic. I guess it’s all in a dullard’s days work.

  • truebearing

    What is it about Palin that brings out every nose-picking, half-wit, dung beetle on the internet? I’ve personally debated 90% of the Palin hating fools on this thread over Palin, and many other topics, and every one of them is an intellectual dwarf, yet they continue their inane blather about how dumb Palin is, or some other lie.

     Palin is like a mental illness detector. She should get paid billions by the military, the government, corporations, etc to instantly weed out the morons, liars, and weenies. Just imagine how much better things would function without these dipsh!ts screwing things up. Of course I’m assuming these dullards actually have jobs, which is a big mistake.

    You idiots know who you are, now line up and I’ll give you some individual attention.

  • Anonymous

    Sarah, sweet-cheeks,[AKA “Bible Spice”], a lot of us share that opinion — but the object of our opinion is YOU. True, you could probably out-shoot him, and perhaps out-flirt him. . . but you’ll never out-think him.

  • Humorless

    When (not “if”) she doesn’t run…her Cultists will claim it’s a “smart move” and spend until 2016 telling us she’ll win it then.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_WZXWXW3GL7E46F7YRHQF7KUQV4 Marc OC

    romney said exactly the same thing bachman said but palin applauded bachman. i think it’s more that romeny is a foeiign born non-christian and bachman is a iowa-born christian.

  • joeaiello

    A squirrel sitting in the same tree as Mitt and Sarah has a better grasp of our economy than the two of them and that squirrel also has a better chance than any republican candidate of becoming president. Good luck in 2012!