Anti-terror plan allies White House with Muslim groups

The White House’s new plan to curb home-grown Islamic extremism calls for partnerships between local governments, various non-profits, and U.S. communities of Muslims. But critics say those partnerships often include Islamic groups whose ideology spurs terrorism.

Federal agencies are already using their “convening power to help build a network of individuals, groups, civil society organizations, and private sector actors to support community-based efforts to counter violent extremism,” according to the new strategy document, titled “Empowering Local Partners to Prevent Violent Extremism in the United States.”

But administration policymakers have not worked with pro-American Muslim groups, said Zuhdi Jasser, president of the Phoenix-based America Islamic Forum for Democracy. “The [groups] they work with are the wrong ones,” Jasser told TheDC.

Muslims in the United States “tend to be pro-Western and pro-American [but] the leadership of the mosques and the Islamic centers tend to be influenced by Islamists overseas,” said Andrew McCarthy, who successfully prosecuted Sheik Omar Abdel Rahman and eleven other terrorists in 1995. Rahman had earlier created a terror group in Egypt.

Instead of partnering with Islamic groups, the federal government should use routine policing and civil-rights laws to protect individuals in Muslim communities from being intimidated by politicized Muslims, many of whom are tied to the Egypt-based Muslim Brotherhood, McCarthy said.

Federal protection would ease assimilation by people from Muslim countries and also undermine Muslim ideologies that spur terrorism, adds McCarthy, who now runs the Center for Law and Counterterrorism at the Foundation for the Defense of Democracies.

The White House’s new strategy was applauded by advocacy groups including the Muslim Public Affairs Council, and the Council on American-Islamic Relations. “The way the plan is rolling out is very much in line with a community partnership model, and we believe that is very useful,” said Salam Al-Maryati, president of MPAC

According to a statement from CAIR’s executive director, Nihad Awad,“Programs that build trust between law enforcement authorities and the communities they serve are crucial … Our government must also engage with American Muslim institutions and individuals proven to enjoy community support.”

The U.S. Department of Justice designated CAIR an unindicted conspirator in the successful 2008 prosecution of several U.S.-based Muslims for smuggling funds to the Hamas terror group.

The administration’s strategy comes almost 10 years after Al Qaeda’s attack on New York, and after what MPAC says were at least 48 additional attacks or terrorist plots by observant Muslims.

The terror threat “is not coming from the [Muslim] communities,” Al Maryati insists, but from “individuals that communities can help us detect and rehabilitate.”

U.S. government officials “have bent over backwards to be respectful to Islamists, which is not helpful,” McCarthy argues. And Americans would be safer if government policy encouraged “a natural assimilation of pro-Western Muslims — there are many in the United States — and [made] clear that the law of the United States is the supreme law, and we’re not ceding territory or legal jurisdiction” to local Islamic activists.

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  • Fielderleeb

    Maybe Obama should name Bill Ayers as “Islamic-American Partnership Czar”. I makes sense to have a terrorist front man for this new forray into government approved and sanctioned terror groups.

  • Taters N Beans

    Wonder why I don’t see any story on this site about Chris Christie’s speech announcing he’s appointed one of those awful muslims to be a judge? That’s right nutjobs! He’s one of them too, run for the hills!

  • sharky

    This is typical Obama. In the Federal Government’s effort to root out
    home-grown Islamic terrorism in the United States the Obama
    administration has chosen instead to partner with the terrorist funding
    group CAIR and the radical Muslim Brotherhood to obtain their
    objectives. Which is like asking the Taliban or al-Qaeda to partner with
    the U.S. military to try and stop home-grown Islamic terrorism
    throughout the Middle East. Ain’t going to happen needless to say. This idea is completely and utterly absurd and counter productive yet the
    Obama administration thinks partnering with CAIR and the Muslim
    Brotherhood are such great ideas?? Apparently so it seems. It’s like
    putting Louis Farrakhan or Iran’s Mahmoud Ahmadinejad in charge of the
    Jewish peace process. In other words, the U.S. Government partnering
    with CAIR and/or the Muslim Brotherhood is absolutely ludicrous.

    How can you root out home-grown Muslim terrorism in the U.S. when you
    attempt to partner with the devil and his legions of demons i.e. CAIR
    and the Muslim Brotherhood?

    It will never reduce the amount of home-grown Islamic terrorism, in my
    opinion, and will only make matters worse by encouraging Muslim
    extremists to fight on because their brethren in radical ideology i.e.
    CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood, etc., have their collective feet in the
    door with the naive Obama administration who apparently don’t know any
    better. CAIR has personally funded the terrorist organization Hamas and
    who knows what other terrorist organization(s) and both the Muslim
    Brotherhood and CAIR want shariah law – which is incompatible with the
    U.S. Constitution – instituted in the U.S. and in every other country on
    planet Earth. But that won’t stop the Obama administration from going
    ahead and partnering with them though huh? Dumb is as dumb does I reckon.

    Dumb ideas have a way of infiltrating Obama’s worldly mind it seems,
    even as we’ve already seen with his many other dumb ideas that are
    currently in the process of destroying the American economy and the free
    market system and also the loss of respect within the world community.  Obama chooses to bow to dictators and communist thugs but those same dictators communist thugs then
    turn around and use it against the U.S. to their own advantage.  Even as CAIR and the Muslim Brotherhood will also do too no doubt.

    It appears Obama wants to “incubate” a proliferation of Muslim
    terrorist activity within the United States of America instead of rooting it out because that will most likely happen if the Obama administration goes ahead and
    “partners” in cahoots (whores in bed) with terrorist funding
    organizations like CAIR and/or the radical Muslim Brotherhood in a bogus
    attempt to try and accomplish their dubious plan. Dumb dumb dumb. He
    might as well be partnering with the Taliban and al-Qaeda because
    they’re basically “one in the same” in my opinion.  Two evil entities who collectively want the eventual destruction and demise of both Israel and the United States.  That is what Muhammad taught the followers of Islam to do.  To conquer the world in the name of Islam and Islam’s Allah.  Even if they must use so-called “peaceful” means to eventually get there.  And Obama is playing right into their hands.  Typical Obama as I stated previously.

  • jmk1502

    The unbridled, vitriolic, unfounded hatred on this site and other far-right wing rags is truly astounding. The scary part is most of you moonbats, decked out in your tinfoil hats and chanting “ditto”, actually believe the garbage you spew. Think about it for just a second: why would someone basically sacrifice 4 (or 8) years – a lot more if you consider the precursor to becoming POTUS – of their life to intentionally destroy the US?

    • Russ311

      As Jesus said, “Eat me.”

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  • MaryjanesUncle

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