Tea party congressman flips Biden’s ‘terrorist’ label back on Democrats

Rep. Jeff Landry, Louisiana Republican, told The Daily Caller that Vice President Joe Biden should think twice before labeling him and other tea partiers “terrorists” or “hostage-takers.”

He hints that he thinks Biden, President Barack Obama and other Democrats might be more deserving of the label themselves.

“Let’s think about it: In my lifetime, I have created jobs and I have paid taxes in the private sector and I have helped move our economy forward,” Landry remarked.

“What have they done? You’ve still got above 9 percent unemployment, we’re running record deficits and on Tuesday the president signed the largest increase of United States debt in history,” he continued. “Now, you tell me who’s terrorizing the country?”

When TheDC directly asked if he’s saying Obama and the Democratic Party are the real terrorists, Landry replied, “No. I’m not going to engage in political sniping.”

Landry added that he’s pretty sure tea partiers don’t fit any dictionary definition of terrorists. “You look up the definition of terrorist, I don’t know what the exact definition would be: I don’t have Webster’s in front of me,” he said. “But you’d think it would be someone who inflicts harm on another.”

Biden reportedly said during recent debt ceiling negotiations that tea partiers acted like “terrorists.” He has denied making that comment. (RELATED: Obama won debt ceiling fight, says DNC)

Landry says he has also been called “extremist” and “rebellious.”

“Those are some of the nice words they’ve used,” Landry said. “You know they’ve called us terrorists, trolls, hobbits. I mean, I don’t understand why working towards and demanding a balanced budget be sent to the states is an extreme view.

“If we use that analysis, I guess we would say 49 states in this union are extreme because 49 states in this union have enacted some sort of balanced budget amendment,” he added.

Landry was one of the tea party Republican members who met with House Speaker John Boehner and Majority Whip Kevin McCarthy late into the night several times leading up to the debt ceiling deal. Landry was one of several members who pushed for Boehner to include a balanced budget amendment in his plan.

The speaker eventually put it in his package. Landry’s said he’s not sure if Boehner would have included the amendment if it weren’t for his and a few others’ efforts.

Landry said he believes it’s his job to push for things like a balanced budget amendment, especially when it was a major campaign issue for him in the 2010 election. His first radio ad on the campaign trail laid out his support for one: “I support a balanced budget amendment, reforms to make it harder for the liberal Congress to raise taxes, and I will fight to make it happen,” Landry says in the ad.

The balanced budget amendment, however, didn’t make it into the final debt ceiling deal, which Landry voted against.

Landry continues to support Boehner as speaker, and if he has the opportunity to again, he said he would vote for Boehner to continue in the leadership role.

“My vote against the bill this week was not a vote against Speaker Boehner,” Landry said. “I have a tremendous amount of confidence in Speaker Boehner and I believe he is few among the leadership in Washington who has a tremendous amount of integrity. I can say that for the entire Republican leadership team, more so than I can say that for any of the other leaders in DC. Certainly, he has my support.”

Landry will likely be facing another sitting Republican member of Congress for re-election in 2012, as redistricting in Louisiana combined their districts. Rep. Charles Boustany voted in favor of the final debt ceiling deal, and according to Roll Call, “is seen as close” with Boehner.

Landry though wouldn’t criticize Boustany for his vote in favor of the debt ceiling deal.

“Look, I’m not here to criticize any member’s decision and what they did this week,” Landry said. “He was one of what, 269, other members who voted for it? I’m not interested in getting in a fight with Charles right now over his vote. What I say about his vote would be reflective of all of the others who chose to vote for it.”

In a statement, Boustany said his vote in favor of the debt ceiling deal was the “right thing to do for the people of Louisiana and for America.”

  • http://twitter.com/ryukidn Shell

    They sampled 960 people … out of 300 MILLION + ??  That’s what they consider a “representative” sampling?  Hmmmm …

  • travelinman

    Democratic SOP – VP Biden is using the Democratic Standard Operating Procedure, which is that when they can’t win the debate, they revert to name calling.  So, the next time you  hear the name calling start, you will automatically know who the LOSER is in the debate.  It is childish, and does fit the stature of the office of Vice President of the United States of America, or the Office of President when Obama resorts to name calling or the title of Senator when Chuck Schumer or other Democrats do it.

  • bigdave


    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AQ5MQIALW6A7QN6JYMJDPFXMUI Eugene Sadzewicz

      you been smoking crack?

  • M2matarazzo

    Honestly I would have been shocked if OBAMA could quiet anything down, he has lacked leadership skills in every debacle he’s been through, sadly he’s a socialist and someone should explain this:  Poor people are not poor because rich people are rich. 

    • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_AQ5MQIALW6A7QN6JYMJDPFXMUI Eugene Sadzewicz

      No, poor people aren’t poor because rich people are rich, but some people are the working poor while their employers are making a great deal of money because they are in a position where they can dictate salary.  So would you have them refuse to work for such low wages and go on welfare? It’s not like the republicans and tea-baggers are making it easy for them to organize unions to help give them the bargaining power. Optimally, you would only increase the taxes on the rich greedy bastards who underpay their employees because they can so they can make even more money, while taxing less the rich that fairly spreads that wealth out with the people who helps him make that money.  But you really can’t do that can you.

      There are also people who are unemployed not by choice.  Because they are older, or because they have been out of work for a while, or who’s experience is in a dying field, they are not getting the opportunities to work.  If you got laid off and have a house to pay for with kids in school (who have medical needs), getting a job saying “do you want fries with that” is not an option.  For the sake of their children, they have to stay on public assistance to get medical care for themselves and their kids, and I can’t blame them for that.

      We should have the expectation that people on public assistance is doing everything that they can to get off of public assistance, and to not do things that would burden the public more (such as have kids while on public assistance), and that there should be sacrifices made.  I have been fortunate that in over 25 years of working that I haven’t needed public assistance, and I plan on doing everything that I can so that I will never need it, but if I do, I hope and pray that the safety net is there for me and my family.

      You also can’t with good conscience allow children who have no power to influence their status to starve and live on the street.  Certainly it would be much more expensive… not to mention inhumane… to put all public assistance children into foster car or in an “orphanage” type situation. So there has to be some type of public assistance. Nor is it socialist to build a safety net for your citizens that provides some base assistance.  That is smart government.  If you don’t, your government will have unrest and most likely won’t be the government for long.  The key is to set it up right so that you can minimize expenditures and encourage both businesses to hire here in the US, and to motivate the ones on public assistance to get training for and then seek out those jobs.  The US system is not optimal, but it seems like the republican’ts are unwilling to vote for any public assistance type programs, even if it is better than the ones that are in place today.  Unfortunately the Dems don’t seem in a hurry to try to reform it either, so there will be no reform.

  • Anonymous

    Kerry should be reprimanded by the Senate, and he should resign.  Calling millions of Americans and veterans ‘terrorists’ is beyond the pale.

  • http://profiles.google.com/emagliacane Elaine Magliacane

    “I believe in a balanced budget” John F KennedyDuring the first Nixon-Kennedy Debate 1960Of course Kennedy was a Democrat not a Marxist/Communist.