Will Obama dump his GM stock at this price?

Psst. Despite recent reported profits, GM stock is trading at around $26below its IPO price of $33 and about half what it would take for the government to break even on its investment. Is the Obama administration really going to dump its GM stake at such an embarrassingly low price? Wouldn’t that provoke a lot of stories, not about how the government is finally out of GM’s hair as promised but about how poorly the bailed-out company is doing? … P.S.: Yes, the entire market is down. But GM has done worse than the overall market, trailing the major stock indexes by a significant margin. …

  • Asiansville

    sigh, its so depressing to look at the economy right now. we need real leader on the Hills and not”motivational speaker”

  • alan

    Of course Obama is going to sell at a loss.   Everything this loser touches turns to garbage.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_P6K3D7HAY3KGYPAIDKASH3VXNM Dan Detroit

    GM is not down as much as darling, Ford! The whole auto sector is down more thant the indices. GM’s decline is particularly amazing given the over $5Billion profit they have generated in just the first half of the year!

  • Jr. R.D.Howell

    I don’t know anyone who would buy a Chevrolet when they can have a Toyota or Honda for the same price.

  • Norenforsenate

    Same with Sprint stock…I am a customer and the stock is dirt cheap…I really don’t think they will go under; I think they will be worth more down the road.
    My opponent, btw, gets contributions from all over Wall Street including the parent company of S&P.
    Dr. Noren

  • Norenforsenate

    True Progressive Democracy
    I need your help
    Corporations are NOT people

  • Doc6798

    This is no more than the old FIND THEM, FEEL THEM FU*****K THEM, THEN FORGET THEM.  Nothing new with the idiots in Washington.  As everything keeps getting worse just think what you should do if you if you are in a plane, and it is going to crash.  Put all trays up.  Put your seats in the upright position.  Put you head between your legs, and kiss your AS* goodbye.