Christina Hendricks Stands Up For Women, And We Stand Up For Her [SLIDESHOW]

Christina Hendricks, who plays Joan in AMC’s hit TV series “Madmen,” said some very important stuff about working women Monday at the White House Summit on Working Families.

Here are the important parts:

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  • "I am very proud to be here representing a working woman in two decades -- one who is fighting in the past for equality, and one who is very very excited to finally see that dream realized."
  • "It is not lost on me how deeply lucky I am to play this remarkable woman. A woman who works twice as hard to support her family, twice as hard to succeed than her male coworkers."
  • "This is not a woman's issue ... this is about everyone."
  • "Because our ability to support our families should be based on talent, hard work and responsibilities."
  • " ... even when sometimes her actions are effectively saving their jobs."
  • "Her assignments, her paychecks, and even her office are diminished compared to the male workers in her office ..."
  • "... Simply because she's a woman."
  • "She [Joan in 'Madmen'] has also faced discrimination in almost every aspect of her job ..."
  • "I've been told to move on to the actual important stuff, so ..."
  • "When President Obama discusses the issues facing working families, equal pay for women, affordable child care, to name a few he often says that current policies seem to be from the Mad Men-era."

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