Coulter: Perry won’t live up to expectations, Romney can beat Obama

On the eve of Republican Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s announcement that he will be a candidate for the 2012 Republican presidential nomination, Ann Coulter continues to push for New Jersey Gov. Chris Christie to enter the competition.

On Sean Hannity’s Friday radio show, Coulter, author of “Demonic: How the Liberal Mob Is Endangering America,” made a prediction on how she thought things would shake out. But, she remains optimistic on former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney’s chances against President Barack Obama should Romney be the Republican nominee.

“This is a prediction for the future — that Republican primary voters are desperate, as they should be to have a decent Republican candidate,” Coulter said. “No more John McCains because we have to take out this guy Obama.”

Coulter continued, “Right now by far and away, no matter what the media tells you listeners — Romney is the odds on favorite and he’s a pretty good candidate. I did not think he could win a year ago. But now, I think Obama has such a glass jaw and Romney has done very well. I think Romney could actually beat Obama.”

Coulter, however, warned that RomneyCare and Mormonism would haunt the former Massachusetts governor in his campaign.

“But still we’re uncomfortable because of RomneyCare, we’re worried he’s going to lose votes because he’s a Mormon and oh boy, you notice the media has said nothing about Mormonism now,” Coulter said. “As soon as he’s the nominee, we’re going to have one exposé after another. They’re going to be portrayed as crazier than the Scientologists.”

But, Hannity added that by injecting Mormonism into a general election against Obama, it would make Rev. Jeremiah Wright’s indiscretions fair game once again — something that would seem to work in favor of a Romney Republican presidential candidacy.

As for Perry, Coulter later said she anticipates a disappointment that will lead a push for Christie to join the race.

“You’ll see Rick Perry,” Coulter said. “He won’t live up to expectations and the American people will throw themselves into the arms of Chris Christie. That’s my scenario.”

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  • Cat

    Ann is right! Those of us in Texas know what a RINO looks like and it is Perry. He was one of the first governors to push for in state tuition for illegals, was vocally opposed to the border fence and was against everything AZ did to protect itself from the illegal invasion… Buyer beware! Perry is not as he seems!

  • Anonymous

    Ann is off base with support for Christie.  He is aggressive  which we like in many instances but he is also when it is not necessary.  He is a RINO so we do not need him.  Support for and appointing a muslim with ties to Islamists is a dead end for him.  He supported them before he became governor and put one in as judge.  NO.  There are muslims that are not connected to terrorism and support for the harsh imams but he chose one that is out of this range.  NO!! Christie!!

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  • Anonymous

    No one listens to this bird legged hack anymore…not after her constant swooning over Chris Christie, the biggest RINO of all …she either has a school girl crush on fatboy or she is on his PR payroll. Now she disses Perry…Annie-go eat a few cheeseburgers and just shut up-you are no longer relevant…
    ( I posted this once before and it was deleted..moderator must be a Christie fan–)

  • Anonymous

    Nobody listens to this bird legged hack anymore-her constant swooning over Chris Christie who is the biggest RINO of them ought to tell you she has a school girl crush on fatboy or she is on his PR payroll. Now she disses Perry…Anne please go eat a couple cheeseburgers and just shut up-you are no longer relevant …

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_D7KNNTFSARNKTKMRZRFLLRHYDI Paledon76108

    I am sure glad that Coulter is showing her true allegiance to the Republican establishment. Romney is nothing more than just another North-eastern cocktail swilling Liberal. Haven’t you guys learned anything. RINO’s cannot win national elections. if Romney is the republican candidate to run next fall, it all but guarantees the traitor in chief another 4 years. Whether it is Perry who I am not a big supporter of or Bachman they will clean The traitor in chiefs clock. When a Clear conservative runs on a conservative platform he wins (see Ronald Reagan). But when a RINO runs he loses every time. (see John McCain, Bush senior, Gerald Ford, etc..) Quit letting the Lap dogs of the main stream media tell us otherwise.