Matt Lewis

Top 5 reasons Paul Ryan shouldn’t run for president

I can think of a lot of reasons Rep. Paul Ryan shouldn’t run for president (including the fact that he’s doing good work where he is), but here are my top five arguments against it:

1. He’s young. Ryan is 41, but looks 31. Would the nation turn its lonely eyes to a boyish-looking leader (considering our problems). I’m skeptical.
2. His actual voting record is questionable and would become a primary campaign issue.
3. His budget plan (as bold as it is) would be easily demagogued. If you think the Democrats have used “Mediscare” against Republican candidates in the past …
4. He’s a lowly House member, and we don’t elect lowly House members president.
5. Speaking of which, while Ryan would clearly be an expert on fiscal issues, what if foreign policy experience suddenly became important? What if Russia invades Georgia? This is not to say Ryan has no foreign policy credentials, but he lacks executive experience, and fiscal issues are clearly his bailiwick. Is he punished (in terms of perception) for being a specialist? I think so.

My guess is that, despite Bill Kristol’s urging, Ryan isn’t seriously considering running. But if he does run, he will have to find a way to answer these five concerns.

  • supernova

    we give these people to much credit,everyday moms with familys could handle our budget,paul ryan is just another lift one down another politician it dos’nt take a rocket scientist to aid and protect big business and the rich on the backs of the elderly and poor.All you have to be is a tyrant! not smart..and it’s a shame that many of his voters will be hurt by him…alot of elderly people don’t hear or understand his fine print,and he don’t want them to.He’s nothing more than a salesman who don’t talk about the hidden cost of the product=con artist…He and the rest of the Pee Party are legal ponzi schemers thats all!!

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  • texastom

    The main reason for Ryan not running is that he knows he would LOSE against President Obama.

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  • Coachlowe

    I can’t disagree more.  Ryan has more command of the budget issue than any person in modern history.  Even the nut jobs on MSNBC give him respect.  He can sell it too.  The problem is that too many people want to govern by sound-bites and that’s what’s gotten us into this problem.  Ryan is a thinking man’s candidate.  Over the course of a campaign he’d be able to get his point across.  He would destroy Obama in a debate and I really think he wants the challenge.

  • Anonymous

    Here is a great reason why Ryan shouldn’t run: His plan projects deficits of at least $400 billion until 2030.
    Read the plan.
    Ryan talks like big conservative but votes like a big spender.
    The country will be bankrupt long before Ryan’s plan ever balances the budget.