Atlanta billboard: Pro-choice civil rights leaders ‘betray’ black community

Pro-life advocates have launched a new eyebrow-raising billboard in downtown Atlanta to bring attention to what they say are the pro-abortion views of many civil rights leaders.

According to the billboard’s sponsors, abortion in the black community kills more African-Americans than “all other causes combined.”

The ad hints at the groups’ primary charge — that civil rights leaders who support abortion are betraying the black community — and directs onlookers to visit This is the second round of anti-abortion billboards targeting Atlanta this summer.

“Something is wrong,” said Catherine Davis, founder of the Restoration Project, a co-sponsor of the billboard, “when those elected to protect the interests of their constituents turn a blind eye to the horrific impact that abortion is wreaking on the black community. In New York City, for every 1,000 black babies born alive, 1,489 are aborted. In Washington, D.C. for every 100 black babies born alive, 165 are aborted! Something is wrong!”

Day Gardner of the National Black Pro-life Union, another co-sponsor, added that there is an element of racism, which civil rights leaders should fight, among abortion providers.

“Can’t we at least ask the hard questions about these numbers?” Gardner said. “Pro-abortion groups cry racism when black pro-life leaders point out the depopulation effect of abortion. I say yes racism is a factor, not on the part of pro-lifers, but on the part of those who want us to continually stream into the clinics to kill our children. All black leaders should help stop it or stay home.”

The website the billboard advertises features an anti-abortion video with heavy music, striking images and serious charges.

“Tragically deaths outnumber life in the black community, out of 653,071 annual deaths, the most common cause is not HIV (6,398), respiratory disease (7,830), homicide (8,870), diabetes (12,343), accidents (13,559), kidney disease (17,323), cancer (63,441), or heart disease (95,059),” according to the video.

See the video:

YouTube Preview Image

According to the video, abortion takes 363,705 African-American lives annually, while 289,366 die from all other causes combined.

Planned Parenthood Southeast is not happy about this onslaught of anti-abortion advocacy.

“The sponsors of these billboards want to deny women the ability to make important private personal medical decisions, and they are using race as a wedge issue to accomplish this goal. This is a reprehensible tactic,” Leola Reis, vice president of external affairs with Planned Parenthood Southeast told The Daily Caller in a statement. “What Planned Parenthood knows is that women of every background take health decisions very seriously, and they make deeply personal medical decisions based on the advice of doctors and in consultation with loved ones and others they trust.”

Alveda King of Priests for Life, another billboard co-sponsor, remains unconvinced. She says Margaret Sanger, who founded Planned Parenthood, was a proponent of eugenics.

“It’s outrageous that Margaret Sanger’s Negro Project to control the birth rate of blacks is alive and thriving today because so many black leaders have sold their constituents the lie that abortion is the key to emancipating African-American women,” said King. “Abortion kills babies and hurts women and families. These pro-abortion voices are not the voices of black America.”

Planned Parenthood pointed out to The Daily Caller, however, that the Guttmacher Institute, a non-profit sexual health research organization, published a study in January, which showed that – based on census data- fewer than one in 10 abortion facilities are located in majority black neighborhoods.

Despite charges of racism on the part of abortion facilities, Professor R. L’Heureux Lewis, assistant professor of sociology and black studies at the City College of New York and a pro-choice advocate, told BET that it is activists like the billboard’s sponsors who are the ones engaged in racism.

“I think that this continues a long trend of anti-choice advocacy toward African-American communities,” Lewis told “By using public figures like [Rev. Jesse] Jackson or others they are trying to argue that blacks are trying to kill themselves and that black leaders are at the head of it, but the ultimate goal is to limit black women and what they can do with their bodies.”


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  • laura george

    They have taken the Negro Project to new heights. With free abortions and sterilizations they should be able to wipe out their own race in a few more years. Not to mention their own policies that cause highest prison rate, welfare rates, unemployment rate, black on black murders…it’s not like they haven’t been warned but stupidity breeds stupidity I guess and as long as they keep electing immoral Democrats their situations will never change.

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  • ToxicTea

    I do not like abortion, but I also believe that there is a valid criticism in the old adage that the Republican Party believes that life begins at conception, which must not be discouraged by sex education or birth control, and ends at birth.

    The choice debate will never end, and will never be resolved.  However, the socio-economic situation that drives the statistics will evolve, and hopefully, improve.

  • voted against carter

    Why I will NEVER be a DemocRAT

    Planned parenthood AND the DemocRAT Party ARE 
    INHERENTLY RACIST in their continued attempt at BLACK GENOCIDE. 

    They are, and always will use abortion to accomplish this. 

    So much the better as far as they are concerned, 

    if they can get black women to do this themselves voluntarily. 

    “the damage being wrought by government programs 

    targeted at blacks and the poor”,…

    ARE BEING DONE ON PROPOSE with the express intent

     of Black Genocide as the ultimate goal.

    ie Melanin IS THE issue.

    The removal of it in particular.

    This is why I WILL NEVER SUPORT the DemocRAT Party.

    It is too bad they along with the LAME-STREAM media 
    have been able to con the black population into believing other wise. 

    But hopefully the con is starting to show. 

    And people ARE starting to wake up to it.

    The DemocRATs use one of the OLDEST leftist tricks, 
    and PLAY THE RACE card AGAIN.

    Al Sharpton and Jesse Jackson along with Barry are AWARE, 
    but will play along for the power they THINK they are allowed to have.

    I DO NOT suport abortion, and this
    IS Planned Parenthoods charter, regardless of their claim otherwise.

    Abraham Lincoln was the FIRST Republican to run for president, and won in 1860.

    The Republican Party was created in 1854 to combat the threat of slavery’s 
    extension to the territories, and to promote more vigorous modernization of the economy. 

    Before that it was the Whigs and the Democrat Party.

    The Democrat Party was the party of the SLAVE OWNERS.

    And It hasn’t changed ANY since then.

  • Anonymous

    It’s telling that the pro choice responders can’t deny the actual numbers, but toss out worthless data and claims of racism.  After all, the only real defense for racists is to bestow the label on those who oppose them.

    I’m too old to see the day, but I hope my grandkids will live in an America that has no hyphenated Americans, only Americans.

  • TruthFirst

    Oh good grief, my wonderful city has done it again.  Pro life?  Phooey – a woman has the only say about her body, and if an abortion is what she wants, she could get one and not compromise her health with the back-room antics of years ago.  No male should have one bit of input – I respect all the women in my life and trust them to make their own choices.

  • Char

    This article somehow makes it seem that the clinics where abortions are being offered are perpetrating racism. I was in a Planned Parenthood just a few days ago. The entire staff, less one physician, was coomprised entirely of black females. The clinic was located in a very affluent neighbothood, withina  medical park filled with affluent medical practitioners. Of the woman who were there (probably about 30 in the waiting room), there were only three white females. I didn’t see a single twisted arm or gun placed to their head. Ironic that I read this today, when I found it so striking that young black females dominated this landscape…..Maybe rather than demonizing the people of Planned Parenthood, who provide a valuable service, or the community leaders in black neighborhoods, people should start focusing on the REAL problem. Why aren’t these young girls taught to use birth control, given proper values, taught to respect themselves? And, where are the “baby daddies”? I didn;’t see one young woman accompanied by a male…..certainly SOMEONE was responsible for the pregnancy besides the girl. Why isn’t there more focus on THIS as an issue? The problem doesn’t lie with community leaders or Planned lies with the familes that are responsible for the upbringing of these girls and boys………

    • Russ311

      Jews played the chamber music for other Jews on their way to their Holocaust as well.

      • Rogerwilco

        I say womens get to choose on this one, Russ. You’re not a woman. Abortion is the big reason it’s hard to get Repubs elected. Women vote their utereses. I think if men looked at it, as if all sex should be declared off limits unless for procreation, more men would sympathize.  If every sperm is sacred, (they are alive, right?) then God probably doesn’t want you wasting them. Men should stay out of this argument, unless you’d be okay with a Nazi bean counter keeping track of your boys’ spilliage.

        (Sorry for the graphic detail, but I do think your Holocaust view goes both ways. Bib Brother should not have power over a citizen’s body.)  

        • Russ311

          Men should stay out of this one?  Really?  And what example of a societal existential issue would you suggest women must stay out of that men rightfully reign supreme?   Are we living on Lesbos?  No, women share in the responsibilities and accountabilities as well as the opportunities of society with men equally, that is what equal rights is supposed to be all about.  Men share in the procreation process equally with women.  To include responsibility and accountability.  Your argument proposes that women who have abortions as a fallback to failure to properly prevent pregnancy are deserving of a higher stature in moral decision making because of that failure?  That seems rather specious to me.  What child do you think will be raised responsibly by a parent who has been desensitized to the essence and uniqueness of every child’s existence when she has been conditioned by a callous society to believe she had the choice to dispose of her child’s life at whim prior to an arbitrarily set date?  Do you really believe we are creating a nurturing society with such an attitude?  The Progressives obviously do, but like on so many issues they are dead wrong on this one.  They are dehumanizing us.  Bit by bit.  And we go along only out of expedient disregard for how to think of each other.  The respect and civility we are supposed to afford one another as human beings doesn’t just begin at that arbitrarily set date. It begins at conception.

          • Rogerwilco

            Thanks for the get back, Russ. I know we’ll never see this one eye to eye, but you make great points. However, by hitting the nail on the head, the fact that a lot of men walk away from what they sowed, and women are left bag holding, you point out the disparity in responsiblility.  And it’s way more than just financial.

            If you outlaw abortion, you must outlaw premarital sex in order to keep some semblance of fairness. And good luck with that. Thanks for chatting.

          • Russ311

            The pleasure is mine.

            As for your point on pre-marital sex, no such need for intrusive peeping tom government regulation is necessary. Only responsible precautions by the parties involved to prevent unwanted conception and pregnancy is necessary. A proper moral grounding would encourage that.

  • Loren

    “Margaret Sanger’s Negro Project to control the birth rate of black
    What in the hell? This is how far the debate is skewed from reality?

  • lucifer666

    Abortions are the #1 killers of Black Americans not AIDS.

  • rockhard

    Many of these women are poor and drug addicts so how would they take care of all those kids ? and with things only getting worse who would pay for those children ? weflare being cut. jobs lacking, housing. most of those kids would grow up with no future and most likely turn to crime.. tough questiosn and I don’t believe in Abartions but there are some hard choices.