Jesse Jackson: MLK would have been ‘concerned’ about LGBT issues, federal debt ceiling

It has been nearly 48 years since Martin Luther King, Jr. gave his “I have a dream speech” in Washington, D.C. and this weekend a memorial will be dedicated to commemorate King’s legacy. But what would the civil rights leader have to say about the issues facing the nation in 2011?

On Monday on MSNBC, host Thomas Roberts asked Rainbow PUSH Coalition founder and president Jesse Jackson that question. Jackson stood alongside King during the civil rights era. What did Roberts want to know? Whether “LGBT equality” would be a fixture of King’s civil rights focus today.

“Of course it would be,” Jackson said. “He believed human rights would be measured by one yardstick for all human beings. He would be delighted that President Barack Obama is the president. And the night he won, I thought about if Dr. King could have been there just for a moment, to see a fruit of his labor, he would be proud of him.”

Jackson also weighed in on funding for social programs, the federal budget, and what he called too much “concentrated wealth.”


“He’d be very mindful of the foes of President Obama, those that in fact attack him relentlessly, as he used his powers to stop the hemorrhaging of 100,000 jobs a month. A measured stimulus that got us in the right direction. He would be concerned about those that would hold up the budget to fight Planned Parenthood or gender equality for women, those who would hijack the debt ceiling issue and take away vital resources from working poor people. That would be on his mind.

“I think as I see him standing up there the issue of too much wealth, or what too many wars and too much poverty would be very much part of his agenda. Too much concentrated wealth. Too many wars and too much poverty. He’d be right in the middle of that debate.”

  • Tom

    MLK was a great man but these guys keep-on milking him out of his grave and that makes it boring! The more they talk about MLK the more they show their incompetency!

  • Tom

    Jessie Jackson & John Wiley Price, the Dallas Commissioner, have lot in common – both bark a lot with nonsense & is kind of annoying!

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  • Fort Worth Yankee

    Ahhhh….Jesse, MLK was a real Minister and a man of God.  He was not a fake, cheat, and shister like you are.  You were not one of his men, you were his ‘water boy’.  Oh yes, now pull out your race card on me.  The term is a sports term, not a racist one.
    Had Mr. King survived, he would have thrown you out on your ear decades ago.  He would not approve of the “LGBT” agenda.  That agenda was around in the 1960s, and he did not support it.  Mr. King would know the national debt is the biggest threat to sociaty today.  Almost everyone is effected, including the waitresses you refuse to tip (but want to have sex with) when you eat out. 
    King’s 8/24/63 speech in Washington was “I have a dream”, but with you around all we got was nightmares.