Ron Paul on Libya: ‘Victory for Empire, but loss for American Republic’

GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul today denounced the United States intervention in Libya, criticizing the operation as unconstitutional and costly.

The longtime Texas congressman, who is in third place in the GOP nomination race, according to Gallup polls released this week, wrote in a statement that the United States was in no position to meddle in Libyan affairs.

“The current situation in Libya may be a short term victory for Empire, but it is a loss for our American Republic,” Paul wrote. “And, I fear it may be devastating to the Libyan people.”

“There is no doubt that Moammar Gadhafi is a bad guy, and that he has brought harm and misery to his country,” Paul continued. “However, our involvement in another country’s civil war is costly and unconstitutional.”

Paul said the he fears the the country will be taken over by another dictator or descend into sectarian anarchy, rather than peacefully transitioning to a democracy. Meanwhile, he wrote, the United States has spent money overseas while in the midst of a debt crisis.

“We have spent over $1 billion on a war that this administration has fought not with the consent of Congress, but under a NATO flag and authorization from the United Nations,” he wrote. (ALSO ON THE CAMPAIGN TRAIL: Financial disclosures: Herman Cain worth between $2.9 and $6.6 million)

“And so, our government continues to spend trillions of dollars in overseas foreign wars while we face unsustainable debt, a looming dollar crisis, and our Constitution seems to lose any meaning,” Paul continued. “These actions will sink our country if we do not reverse course.”


  • http://www.RockyFlatsGear.com Jeff Buske

    Dr. Paul has been warning US and DC for 20+ years as the wheels come off the system his unwavering message still rings true.  If our course does not change the world will plunge into a new dark age.  Obama care for all, a blizzard of fines, fees and taxes, perpertual war and police on every corner collecting revenue not the America I want. Vote for the FOX or CNN candidate you will eat dog food while playing games on your iPad with your unemployment check or do a 4 year tour in Afgansitan.  Wake up America.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_QVIVZKBVJFNRELN5IFQGQTWQRE Integrity has no need of rules

    I wounder if Pual remembers that several countries came to the aid of the America during the Revolutionary War, I believe I saw his likeness in several paintings from that era!

  • Tired of W8ting 4 Superman

    How did I miss Ron Paul for 2 election cycles? RP 2012

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  • http://www.facebook.com/lnardozi Louis Nardozi

    Ron Paul is the only politician I can remember with a SPINE, and I’m pretty old. Do you want some craven in the office, licking the hands that bought the office? Wouldn’t you rather have someone who will STAND UP for you, having stood up for himself all these long years?
    Does it bother you, the million or more people that have died in the last 12 years, died for nothing? Does it bother you knowing that YOU could change it, but are too busy and can’t be bothered?
    Do you mind the trillion dollars that goes overseas each year, when it could be spent right here and cure the Depression? Do you mind the trade agreements that send our jobs over there? Do you mind the tax policies that prevent the trillions made overseas being used to create jobs here?
    It’s time to show YOUR spine and stand up for The Man With A Spine. He’s done it for you these past 20 years – now it’s  your turn.

    Vote Vertebrate – Ron Paul 2012!

  • bpirlot

    How does being 100% correct make him a wacko?

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Granny-Rob-Robinson/100001281260310 Granny Rob Robinson

    I guess nobody’s perfect, but when it comes to foreign policy Ron Paul really is a naive wacko.

    • http://www.facebook.com/lnardozi Louis Nardozi

      yeah, he’s weird – why SHOULDN’T we kill everyone?

      • http://www.facebook.com/lnardozi Louis Nardozi

        I mean, it’s not like people could possibly object to that.