Perry hits back: Obama’s policies are ‘dumb’

On Sean Hannity’s radio show Tuesday, Texas Gov. Rick Perry defended himself against attacks that he is “dumb,” claiming what is really dumb is how the U.S. economy has worsened under President Obama.

“It’s kind of the same old attacks they made on [Ronald] Reagan and I guess every prominent, effective conservative,” Perry told Hannity’s audience. “And the better we do down here in Texas, the more they are going to attack us. That’s fine.”

“I think my record is going to stand the scrutiny of time across the country,” Perry added, noting Texas’ economic strength. His state has created 47 percent of the country’s jobs since the 2009 stimulus.

Perry argued that while Texas has thrived under his leadership, the U.S. has wilted with Obama at its helm.

“More than a million jobs — during my term as governor — have been created, at the same time this country lost 2.5 million,” Perry said.

“You know, Sean, what’s ‘dumb’ is to oversee an economy that has lost that many millions of jobs, to put unemployment numbers — that over his four years will stay probably at 9 percent, to downgrade the credit of this country, to put fiscal policies in place that were a disaster in the ’30s and try them again in the 2000s. That’s what I consider to be the definition of ‘dumb.’”

Hannity accurately predicted the headline that would emerge from Perry’s radio interview: “Perry calls Obama’s policies dumb.” (RELATED: Perry leads Romney by double digits in SC)

The Texas governor also responded to The Daily Caller’s recent publication of a 1993 letter Perry sent to then-first lady Hillary Clinton, in which he praised her efforts to reform health care.

Perry explained that he was, and is, for health care reform, but not in the form Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama have envisioned. And, he said, at the time he wrote the letter, he did not know what a “monstrosity” Clinton’s final proposal would be.

“I had no idea that was going to be the end product. What I thought they were truly going to work towards was trying to reform health care, and we had no idea. ” he said. Perry also reiterated his promise to sign an executive order wiping out as much of “Obamacare” as he can on his first day as president.

“Reforming our health care is an admirable goal, but not to make it a single-payer, individual mandate, Washington-knows-best cram-down,” Perry siad. “No way, no how.”

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  • Rumormater

    Obama is not only dumb but also a coward!! The way he pulls the strings on his minions, Politico, to attack the Governor in a name calling style is so disgusting!!! He does not even dare to talk directly about the Governor!! Such a dumb and devious president Obama is!!!

  • letsbehonest

     This is the same Perry that was big time working on the Gore campaign, right?  Is this the same Perry that wrote a LOVE LETTER to Hillary Clinton praising her health care initiative? 

    Guess he’s a different person now.  LOL

    • Anonymous

      He didn’t praise the result of Clinton’s work, he praised the notion of fixing a very broken health care system.  Like a lot of us, he probably hoped that Hillary would conclude that if government got its sticky fingers out of the health care equation, it would actually work a lot better and be affordable, too.  What ended up coming out of Clinton’s task force was nothing he or any other conservative could say anything positive about.  Talk to any private-practice family doctor about insurance and health-care (not during office hours!).  It’s an eye-opener.

  • Michaelhandley

    Anyone who thinks Perry is dumb should try taking the controls of a C-130 cargo plane. That alone tells me something about the man….. 

    • Anonymous

      There is one thing I’ve noticed about good pilots:  They are willing to make tough choices when the chips are down, based on the best available information.  Much of the training in becoming a pilot is centered around making good decisions, because those decisions can save your life or the lives of those around you.  It tends to leak into other areas of life; I’ve known some very good pilots and they are among the more careful, thoughtful people I’ve run into.  They also tend to avoid unnecessary risk wherever possible.  Hopefully that kind of thinking has influenced Perry.

  • ladylove

    nothing like catching up on the obvious, now is there

    not like WE THE PEOPLE haven’t known this since, well since the very beginning.

    but when you need to pander for votes, you say what you think people want to hear, and what makes you look like you care.

  • joeaiello

    This coming from the governor whose state has the highest number of uninsured people and the highest number of minimum wage jobs in the country!

    • LiveFree

      Joe, rephrase your statistics as a percentage of the population.  Since Texas has a large population, absolute numbers don’t say much.

    • Anonymous

      Also, have you taken into account all the people Obama has allowed to illegally invade Texas for the sole purpose of getting Fed goodies.  How’re you going to get them to be insured.  Force feed them health insurance?  Oh, that’s right, Obamacare does that while guaranteeing to bankrupt US.

    • Falcon

      Well, Why can’t Obama create minimum wage jobs? Obama would be a better president if he could at least create minimum wage jobs. From the beginning I have said, Obama has no content and he has proven me right over and over. He is a very poor speaker ! But a very good reader !

  • The TX Big Dog

    As a Texan conservative, there are plusses and minuses with Perry. Having left TX for four years, it was clear coming back 8 years ago that the eduction is less than other states I have lived, by a lot.

    A high school four times the size in TX has one Latin teacher (part time) and my sons much smaller school (1/4 the size) had three. Latin improves students SAT scores by as much as 35%.

    The TX goal is to pass students not enable them to excel. That said, very little high tech. Really high property taxes and low paying jobs, but there are some jobs. I have only worked for a company HQ’d in TX for 2 years out of 22.

    That said, I would pick anyone other than a lying liberal democrat.

    • Anonymous

      How, exactly, does studying a dead language improve SAT scores or anything else? I don’t believe that Latin has helped me a single time in my adult life, and having good SAT scores merely helps a person get into college, it certainly has no reflection on their intellect or actual ability to perform well in a given field. I can name 5 people who have Bachelor degrees that are the dumbest people I have ever met. The entire public education system is a joke, and America is behind 54 other countries, including many third-world countries, in education. If your implication that other states do a superior job educating children yet remains behind 54 other countries then I fail to see any point in your post. How does a self-interested system of “teaching” enable a child to excel?

      • Anonymous

        I hated Latin, but it has served superbly in a lifetime in understanding English words.

      • Anonymous

        I had a very high SAT score (even got an award), which is the height of irony given my GPA.  Give me someone who understands logic, English and basic math with an active imagination and the will to succeed any day over a straight-A student with no initiative or creativity.  I agree with Einstein:  “Imagination is more important than knowledge.”  One can gain knowledge by any number of means, but imagination requires inspiration and a reason to exercise the ability.  That is not something one learns in any classroom.

    • Ben Blankenship

      So Perry majored in animal science and earned a BS. Big deal. It was from Texas A&M.
      So? Do you know what they call an Aggie ten years after graduation?   BOSS!

      • Anonymous

        So true!  It’s amazing how “with it” Aggies are for the most part.

      • Anonymous

        What people fail to understand is that farming — otherwise known as “husbandry” or “animal science” is NOT an easy thing to do.  One has to know a great deal, but one also has to apply the knowledge through practice, not unlike a physician.  You can’t just turn animals loose and expect them to be okay while you sit on the porch with a jug, but that’s the image a lot of people have with farmers.  Farming is hard work that requires a lot of planning, good business management, scientific knowledge and physical labor.  I’m a computer geek living in Texas in farm country (I do own chickens and goats), and I have nothing but respect for the ranchers and farmers around me.  They are smart, tough and dependable people.  So if Perry studied farming, my hat is off to him.  It’s not easy stuff,

        Next time someone denigrates a “dumb Texas country hick”, ask them to compute the correct number of CC’s for standard penicillin suspension for intramuscular injection on caprines for bone infections when the animal weighs 50 kilos.  I know ranchers that do that kind of thing in their head; they know one heckuva lot more than I do.

    • Michaelhandley

      For a State that has a lot of dumb people and a bad education system, they sure seem to be getting along very well compared to the rest of us. Maybe it’s because they just do the right thing when they are faced with a problem…. 

    • Anonymous

      There are all sorts of private schools to choose from that are excellent. Government schools have to invite in the private sector and rich people for even a chance at being excellent.  One form of misery is being a government employee.  It’s quiet desperation when one considers how much less useful he/she is in the employ of government in nearly any capacity.  Military excepted of course because it’s designed to destroy and screw up stuff on purpose.

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  • Jim

    Go Perry, Dump Barry

    • StarvetheBeast

      What, no pom-poms?  

  • politicsisdirty

    So far so good Mr. Perry….God Bless.