Matt Lewis

Michele Bachmann: ‘I want to have someone like a Marco Rubio’ as vice president

During a Florida bus tour, Rep. Michele Bachmann sat down with Javier Manjarres, a blogger for Florida’s the Shark Tank. When asked about Florida Senator Marco Rubio, Bachmann said: “I want to have someone like a Marco Rubio be in that position as a vice president — someone who’s lived the dream, who understands the dream, but more importantly — someone who will fight for that dream.”

Asked about Sarah Palin, Bachmann replied: “I love Governor Palin. She and I have been friends for a long time. And I think there’s plenty of room in the race…”

Watch the video here:

  • JEFFinOH

    This is so refreshing to see a great patriot talking to America instead of talking down America. I have watched her for the last couple of years and she has done more for the house of Representative than any of the rest. She has been shaking up, and bringing to the floor things that others don’t want to touch. We would be in so much worse shape if it hadn’t been for people like Bachmann and DeMint…. GO MICHELE!!!!!

  • victoria_29

    LOL Bachmann is saying this because she is getting STOMPED in not just Iowa, but New Hampshire & South Carolina.  

    • JEFFinOH

      You certainly Don’t know Michele very well. She Doesn’t throw words around like a democrap just to get votes…. 

  • Guest

    Marco Rubio is too smart and has too much potential to be anyone’s VP, especially anyone in the current field of candidates, and especially miss crazy pants.

    • JEFFinOH

      I have never heard anything crazy coming from her. Please point to something she has said that doesn’t make since so I can check it out.. And please no MSLSD news site..

    • leilani

      This RINO agrees with Jeff in Ohio on this one and would like an answer to that too. What precisely has she said that is crazy?

      Her sole ‘offense’ against the norm seems to be that she refuses to obediently toe the line of the male progressives who demand to be her ideological masters the way so many self-proclaimed ‘liberal’ female pols are all too eager to do.

      But if thinking for yourself instead of parroting whatever the rich white guys who run the DNC demand women say is what makes a woman “crazy”, then it’d be an honor for you to call us all insane, Guest.

      • Guest

        “But if thinking for yourself instead of parroting whatever the rich
        white guys who run the DNC demand women say is what makes a woman
        “crazy”, then it’d be an honor for you to call us all insane, Guest”
        No, you’re not insane. Just incredibly paranoid. Ooooo rich white guys controlling women…. oooo. Laughing so hard…

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  • Sandy

    Bachmann may like to have Rubio as the VP, but she will have to win the nom first, which is increasingly unlikely.  Besides, Rubio would have to accept her invite to run with her, which is also unlikely even if she did get to make the choice.

  • Adam D

    Every Republican candidate wants to have Marco Rubio as their Vice President!

    • JEFFinOH

      Every Conservative candidate anyway. The Rhino’s Don’t want to be around him. They are afraid of him just like they are afraid of Bachmann.

      • leilani

        Rhino or RINO? I’ve yet to hear any “RINOs” evidence any fear of Rubio,  only admiration from all corners.

        And I should know because I’ve been repeatedly told I’m a RINO over the last year because I refused to support Sarah Palin’s disastrous pick for DE Senator and now I wear the label with genuine pride.

        (I’m a member of two Tea Party orgs in my state, but if blindly supporting a dishonest, unethical kook is what’s required to maintain non-RINO status these days, you know what? You can keep it.)

        In fact, the “eeeeevil establishment” of which I am told I’m also a card carrying member adores Marco because he genuinely appeals to Reagan’s old coalition – Teaper-types, Traditionalists, National Security folks and economic conservatives and shows the promise of leading a real majority instead of a small clique. He’s an astute, talented guy who’s refused to pigeonhole himself & limit his own appeal the way some of the angrier & more off-putting anti-RINO pols have.

        Just about the only people I’ve seen not gush all over him, let alone express any qualms about him, are the Natural Born Citizen crowd and I think they can be brought around.