Matt Lewis

Jake Tapper questions Carney over Hoffa comments

Via the RNC, this is a pretty good back and forth between ABC News’ Jake Tapper and Jay Carney over the Hoffa comments…

  • Res086er

    Please send your copy of this criminal
    complaint to the FBI and demand that your congress compels the DOJ to file
    formal charges upon Hoffa, Obama, and Biden.

  • cr

    Jake Tapper is superb. It is inconceivable that ABC passed Jake over for “This Week” moderator in favor of Christine Amanpour.

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  • Anonymous

    If the Obama re-election team had any sense, which it manifestly does not, it would embrace Hoffa’s remarks and expand on them.  President SpaghettiSpine would do well to remember that most of the people who cast votes are those working folks he clearly has no use for.  Of course, he fooled us last time; this time, no matter what he says, I suspect very few will be fooled.

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  • Stergeye

    Jake Tapper is apparently the only MSM journalist left with a full set of cojones.

    • Aakermit

      Thank goodness for Jake Tapper.  He is the only MSM journalist who isn’t carrying water for Obama.

  • ladylove

    well howdy doody does it again

    speaks but does not make sense.

    this is so typical of this administration.

    Obama knew what Hoffa said, what Hoffa meant, and he did not take action right there on the spot,

    nothing howdy doody can say will change that.

    there is absolutely no excuse for this, none.

    Obama knows he needs union support,  he is not going to risk that, especially not to defend,THE UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, and WE THE PEOPLE.

    • truebearing

      They are getting close to either grabbing all power, or losing it all. They are losing their ability to keep up the facade, and likely have decided it is time to lunge for the brass ring, regardless the consequences. As you well know, the union leaders are sociopathic thugs, and so is Obama.

      Keep your powder dry, my friend.