The prettiest in the world: Miss Universe 2011 Leila Lopes [SLIDESHOW]

When Leila Lopes was declared Miss Universe 2011 on Monday, the 25-year-old said, “Thank God I’m very satisfied with the way God created me and I wouldn’t change a thing.”

Well, obviously. When you’re named the prettiest person in the universe, you probably haven’t thought about getting liposuction or a nose job. But who exactly is the winner of this year’s competition? For starters, Lopes is the first Angola native to take home the crown. She’s also on a mission to fight HIV worldwide. For more information and glimpses of the stunning and kind-hearted leading lady, scroll through our slideshow below.

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  • Pausing in the preliminary competition gown.
  • Lopes sure is toned!
  • Lopes is from Benguela, one of Angola's largest cities.
  • Lopes looks like seaweed!
  • Lopes when she was a mere contestant!
  • On racism, Lopes says, "It's not normal in the 21st century to think in that way." Damn straight!
  • Rockin' the yellow!
  • Getting some assistance from Miss Universe 2010, Ximena Navarrete, of Mexico.
  • Want beauty tips from Miss Universe 2011? Lopes suggests getting enough rest, using ample sunblock and drinking tons of water.
  • She may be Miss Universe 2011, but Lopes would like others to know that she's just as pretty on the inside. "I consider myself a woman endowed with inner beauty," Lopes said. "I have acquired many wonderful principles from my family and I intend to follow these for the rest of my life."
  • Don't expect this beauty queen to loaf around the house like a princess. With her new esteemed title, Lopes hopes to further combat HIV. "As Miss Angola I've already done a lot to help my people. I've worked with various social causes. I work with poor kids, I work in the fight against HIV. I work to protect the elderly and I have to do everything that my country needs... I think now as Miss Universe I will be able to do much more."
  • Lopes is crowned Miss Universe 2011 by Miss Universe 2010 in a ceremony in Sao Paulo, Brazil.