Ex-campaign manager: Bachmann ‘doesn’t have the resources or the ability’ to go beyond Iowa

Ed Rollins, the famed Republican strategist who until recently served as Rep. Michele Bachmann’s presidential campaign manager, says the Minnesota congresswoman “doesn’t have the resources or the ability” to go past next year’s Iowa caucus.

In an interview with MSNBC’s Andrea Mitchell on Monday, Rollins said that, while Texas Gov. Rick Perry and former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney are “strong candidates with strong organizations and the ability to raise money,” Bachmann would only get a “another look” if she can pull out a win in the Iowa caucus. (RELATED: Bachmann coins the term ‘PerryCare’)

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According to Rollins, Perry “drew from the same group of voters” and took away much of Bachmann’s attention when he jumped into the race last month. Although he said Perry had some weaknesses, Rollins described him as a “strong conservative” who has the support of the “tea party base.”

Rollins, who made headlines late last week when he criticized Bachmann’s suggestion that the HPV vaccine Gardasil could cause “mental retardation,” also said that his former boss has a history of saying things that are “not appropriate.”


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  • ladychurchillusa

    she is way to shrill and has no resume to speak of. We need a governor to take over this mess that the community organizer has left us. Perry or Romney fit the bill, I’ll take either one, but I prefer Perry, because I would rather not to have another Harvard boy in charge.

  • teddie77

    bachman go away and put us all out of our misery; She hasn’t any accomplishments, none. She’s a loon. I’m tired of candidates like her even taking up time on stage in the debates. She makes all Repubs look bad. She can’t state anything she has accomplished. She has nothing to stand on so she attacks…not a good sign

  • drhalll

    I just wished that Republicans would take a moment to think about how that have handled America’s issues for the past ten years and realize that their path has been most destructive we have ever had and that we have lost our way and our sense of decency.  America no longer has an unsullied reputation and a sure thing for success.  We need leaders that would care much more about America and Americans than their care about party politics.  We need to rebuild character, moral values, honesty, caring about our communities and states to make them the best on earth and rebuild our country with the values and dreams that were prevalent in the 1900s.