Meghan McCain lashes out at Perry, Gingrich

Daily Beast columnist Meghan McCain, daughter of former GOP presidential nominee Sen. John McCain and a relative newcomer to the political punditocracy, has some unpleasant things to say about two of the top GOP presidential contenders.

On Tuesday’s “Imus in the Morning” on the Fox Business Network, McCain pledged her support to former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and criticized both former Speaker of the House Newt Gingrich and Texas governor Rick Perry.

“I’ve been on team Romney for a year and a half, two years,” McCain said. “I think he’s the most qualified and I’m sick of personalities. I don’t need a rock star president and I never did, and I don’t care about celebrity. I think he’s the smartest, most capable and knows the most about the economy and can hopefully do something to fix our recession.”

Romney’s competitors, though, didn’t fare so well — starting with Rick Perry’s campaign.

“I never bought into it,” she said. “I wrote a column and took a lot of heat for saying I thought he was basically completely unqualified — I think I was right then and right now.”

McCain says the Perry campaign isn’t a serious effort.

“He’s wasting everyone’s time,” she said. “It’s the same thing I think about Newt Gingrich: You’re wasting everybody’s time. This is obviously some kind of vanity project and I don’t think running for president should be a vanity project.”


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