The bloated rise of the diversitocracy


Financially strapped colleges merge departments, lose cancer researchers–but keep expanding their bloated diversitocracies (from John Leo with assists from Mike Adams and Heather Mac Donald). Sample:

UC Berkeley’s new vice chancellor for equity and inclusion, Gibor Basri, has 17 people working for him in his immediate office, including a “chief of staff,” two “project/policy analysts,” and a “director of special projects.” Says Mac Donald: “The funding propping up Basri’s vast office could support many an English or history professor. According to state databases, Basri’s base pay in 2009 was $194,000, which does not include a variety of possible add-ons, including summer salary and administrative stipends. By comparison, the official salary for assistant professors at UC starts at around $53,000 ….

Somebody could make an issue of this! If not Republicans, who? … [via Insta]

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