White House, DOJ silent as 34 members of Congress call for Holder’s resignation

There are now 34 members of Congress calling for Attorney General Eric Holder’s immediate resignation; on Wednesday, four new congressional voices joined the chorus of calls for Holder to step down.

The newest members calling for Holder’s resignation are Republican Reps. Thaddeus McCotter of Michigan, Diane Black of Tennessee, Bob Latta of Ohio and Kenny Marchant of Texas.

“I call upon Attorney General Holder to resign his post as our nation’s top law enforcement official,” Marchant said in a statement to The Daily Caller. “Ever since the first details of Operation Fast and Furious emerged, Attorney General Holder has been less than forthright with Congress as to his knowledge of Fast and Furious. Unfortunately, this ill-conceived operation has already led to the killing of a border patrol agent.”

Black, a tea party favorite from Tennessee, told TheDC she thinks Holder needs to answer to the American people as well.

“Eric Holder needs to come clean about what he knew and when, and then he has to go,” Black told TheDC. “A man with a basic credibility problem has no business running the Department of Justice.”

Marchant questions Holder’s testimony before Congress at a May 3 Judiciary Committee hearing, during which he said he had only known about Operation Fast and Furious for a few weeks — even though Iowa Republican Sen. Chuck Grassley told TheDC he personally handed Holder a letter on the topic months earlier when the attorney general was in his office. Senior aides also sent Holder numerous briefing memos on the subject, including the name and specific details of the failed operation, as early as July 2010. Holder now claims he didn’t read the memos.

Holder’s May 3 testimony is also in question because President Barack Obama and Secretary of State Hillary Clinton both discussed Operation Fast and Furious in media interviews about a month before Holder claims he knew of it.

Republican Reps. Trey Gowdy of South Carolina and Jason Chaffetz of Utah have asked Obama to clarify how he was able to speak about Operation Fast and Furious in a media interview while Holder was apparently, at least according to his own statements, unaware of the operation.

Marchant said these inconsistencies, and others on Holder’s part, indicate the country has an attorney general “who seems to be engaged in active deception of Congress and, yet, at other times seems to know very little regarding what happened.”

Marchant added that he supports House Judiciary Committee chairman Rep. Lamar Smith of Texas in calls for a special prosecutor to determine if Holder — or any other Obama administration officials — lied to, or intentionally misled, Congress.

“The American people deserve to have answers and I am confident a Special Counsel would shed light on what really happened,” Marchant said.

The White House and the Justice Department continue to ignore the surge in calls for Holder’s immediate resignation. Spokespeople for the White House and the DOJ haven’t answered TheDC’s requests for comment.