Limited government, limited clothing: ‘Pinups 4 Ron Paul’ [SLIDESHOW]

Supporters of Texas congressman Ron Paul’s presidential campaign have found a way to spread his libertarian message while appealing to voters’ hearts and minds — and other body parts: the “Pinups 4 Ron Paul” calendar.

The calendar features “some of [Paul’s] very dedicated female supporters,” who take the Texas congressman’s less-is-more message about government and apply it to their wardrobes.

But Paul’s libertarian message doesn’t get lost in the excitement. “The new ‘Pin-Ups for Ron Paul’ calendar will also include Dr. Paul’s philosophy on crucial issues; our economy, civil liberties & foreign policy. Inspiring, educational and surprising quotes from classic authors, great thinkers and world leaders, paired with quotes from Ron Paul, grace every month, along with our gorgeous activist girls,” according to a note from calendar creator Juliet Annerino on the project’s website.

Unlike other pinup calendars, this one is not meant to be kept in the privacy of your own home or auto mechanic shop. Annerino writes that it is “safe for the work place. It can be proudly displayed at home, work, dorm or anywhere else friends, co-workers, customers and colleagues will see it!”

Twenty percent of the money earned by the calendar will be donated to Paul’s campaign.

This is not Annerino’s first foray into the world of pinup calendars. In 2008, she created “Hotties for Ron Paul.”

The idea, she explained then, came from her meetings with Paul supporters when she first got involved in 2008.

“In 2008, I met so many great, spirited Ron Paul supporters, and I noticed one thing: These people were for the most part, intellectuals. They were nerds. They were not average people. They were somewhat introverted, theoretically oriented, academics. I sensed a lack of familiarity with concepts like marketing and commercialism. I wanted to bring an element of accessibility to the Ron Paul Campaign that had the power to reach out to the man on the street, the non-political or even apolitical individual,” Annerino said.

If he starts rising in the polls, Ron Paul will know just who to thank.

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