MSNBCPOLITICO: A commanding presence for Politico on the left’s favorite cable news channel

Has MSNBC opened a bureau in Arlington, Virginia?

Watch the assertively liberal cable news channel on an average day, and you’re likely to see someone from Politico appearing on-screen with the publication’s newsroom and logo in the background — perhaps on multiple occasions.

An analysis of one week of MSNBC’s broadcasts, starting at 6 a.m. Monday, Nov. 7 and ending Sunday, Nov. 13 at 12 p.m., identified at least 24 appearances by Politico reporters and editors. MSNBC has allotted regular segments to Politico during its broadcast day, including the “Political Playbook” segment on “Morning Joe” and the “Political Briefing” segment on “Andrea Mitchell Reports.”

But even without those two regular segments, the newsroom studio in Politico’s suburban Virginia headquarters is a regular fixture on MSNBC’s air. Over the course of last week, the majority of MSNBC’s daily shows — nine out of 16 — showcased at least one Politico employee.

The relationship between the two media outlets extends beyond merely inviting Politico’s reporters on MSNBC. On March 30, during an interview on Hugh Hewitt’s syndicated radio show, Politico editor-in-chief John Harris defended NBC News, MSNBC and “Hardball” host Chris Matthews against charges that the cable channel’s left-leaning hosts could unfairly influence his organization’s news coverage, particularly because Politico and MSNBC co-hosted a Republican presidential debate.

“Well, I just don’t accept the premise and I don’t accept your premise about Chris Matthews, who I admire,” Harris said. “In any event, Chris Matthews is not the moderator of this debate — Brian Williams, who is going to be bringing his journalistic reputation, his journalistic values to bear, just as I will be, Hugh, as the other moderator.”

Not exclusive to MSNBC

Despite the close ties to MSNBC, Politico reporters do appear on other cable channels. Politico’s Kenneth Vogel, for example, is a regular guest on Current TV’s “Countdown with Keith Olbermann.” Politico national political reporters Alexander Burns and David Catanese, and Politico White House reporter Joe Williams, have also appeared on that effervescently left-wing cable program.

Other Politico reporters have appeared on CNN, especially in the weeks since Politico first reported sexual harassment allegations against Republican presidential candidate Herman Cain.

No Politico reporters on Fox

One network that does not host Politico reporters is Fox, the largest cable news network. A search of Fox News Channel transcripts indicates it has been 18 months — going back to May 2010 — since a Politico reporter or editor has appeared on its programs. The reason? According to a Fox News representative, Politico reporters do not appeal to Fox’s audience. “We try to book guests that make for compelling TV; Politico reporters tend not to rate well,” a Fox News spokesperson told The Daily Caller.

Fox News hosts have also openly criticized Politico. “Fox & Friends” co-host Steve Doocy has attacked the news outlet on multiple occasions, calling Politico a “left-wing blog” in December 2010.