Political plastic surgeries [SLIDESHOW]

With all the yelling and debating that goes on on the House floor, have you ever wondered how former Speaker Nancy Pelosi manages to maintain such a stoic face?

Have you noticed how Hillary Clinton appears a bit — different — somehow, compared to when she lived in the White House?

Even Senator John Kerry’s face seems to be less animated these days (not that it’s a huge change).

Since career politicians are enjoying longer careers, they are clocking ever more hours on CSPAN and shaking an ever-greater number of hands at lobby-sponsored cocktail events. And everyone wants to see the youthful, overeager politician they voted for — not the wrinkled, burdened and bedraggled politico who has emerged from the proverbial sausage factory of Washington.

Who could blame these governmental stalwarts, then, for having a little nip and tuck? Today’s politicians are, literally and figuratively, just trying to save a little face.

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  • Did she or didn't she? (No, the one on the right isn't Tina Fey.) Sarah Palin froze on stage during her vice-presidential bid, and also seems to have frozen her face with a little help from a syringe.
  • Arnold Schwarzenegger's botox injections "Terminated" the wrinkles between his eyes. "He'll be back," but his facial topography probably won't.
  • Nobody raises that many foster kids without growing a few "stress lines." She's clearly had a little "work" done, and we're not talking about Photoshop.
  • Hillary Clinton looks like she got a fresh new face as compensation for what Bill put her through. We don't blame her one bit for redefining "realpolitik" with botox and a facelift.
  • King of the political gaffe Joe Biden is also a wrinkle-magician: Now you see 'em, now you don't! (That's a big f--king deal.)
  • It seems the further Nancy Pelosi drifts to the left, the further her eyebrows drift to the ceiling. Once the face of Congress, she's now the face of political plastic surgery.
  • Massachusetts prepster John Kerry must think his image is worth preserving -- in a frozen grin. The hair hasn't changed, but the face sure has.
  • There's no denying presidential pretty-boy Mitt Romney has undergone some sort of forehead treatment. No 64-year-old man naturally has a noggin-top as smooth as a baby's bottom.

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