Top ten: TheDC’s most ‘disliked’ YouTube videos [SLIDESHOW]

If you thought Rebecca Black’s “Friday” was the most hated piece of video since the invention of the Palmcorder, think again: As TheDC’s Will Rahn reported on — oh, SNAP! — last Friday, Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s “religious heritage” campaign ad, typos and all, has passed the teeny-bopper in YouTube “dislikes.” (It was the anti-gay line at the beginning of Perry’s campaign spot that brought all the angry clicks out of the woodwork.)

But neither Black nor Perry has the record for thumbs-down judgments from YouTubers: That dishonor, by a long shot, belongs to Justin Bieber’s “Baby.”

YouTube publishes a list of the most “liked” videos, but sadly ignores the hated ones. And chances are they’re all Bieber vids anyway. As that couldn’t possibly be interesting to anyone over 16, we were forced to put our own list together. Here, then, are The Daily Caller’s most disliked YouTubes.

Agree? Disagree? Make a video and tell us about it.

#10: These people need their heads examined

HeadOn is the perfect synergy of pointless homeopathic “medicine,” vague marketing claims, and annoying late-night TV ad delivery. Also, the product consists almost entirely of wax. It doesn’t really cure headaches, since its main “active” ingredients include a flower, a vine, and potassium dichromate — one of those nasty chemicals that made Erin Brockovich famous.

The irony, of course, is that while the advertiser blew $30 million on a campaign about a pain reliever you can “apply directly to the forehead,” the whole presentation gave plenty of Americans headaches.