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Leaders with Ginni Thomas: Charles Krauthammer

If you don’t know who “Dr. Krauthammer” is, you haven’t been paying attention. Either that, or you’re glued to MSNBC all day.

Charles Krauthammer, the political commentator and Fox News Channel contributor, has carved out a dignified, gravitas-laden niche for himself. He is an acknowledged voice of reason on matters of domestic and international policy, speaking from his regular place on the All-Star Panel on Special Report with Bret Baier.

In a recent one-on-one interview with The Daily Caller’s Ginni Thomas, Krauthammer spoke about Ron Paul’s chances to swipe the GOP presidential nomination from under Mitt Romney’s nose. He weighed in on President Obama’s biggest mistake, the hard left’s dominance of cultural institutions and the Republicans’ practice of “under-investigating” our bloated federal government.

Krauthammer also poured the proverbial “salt and vinegar” on most of today’s political elites, but found hope in the giant leadership decisions the American people are poised to make in November.

A Harvard trained physician, Krauthammer switched to political commentary two decades ago. In Washington he migrated from the left to the right, from a Walter Mondale aide to a defender of conservative common sense. He also picked up a Pulitzer Prize in 1987 for distinguished commentary.

When former president Bill Clinton called Krauthammer “a brilliant man” during a 2010 press conference, Krauthammer quipped that  “my career is done … I’m toast.” When he’s not making daily panel appearances on Fox, Krauthammer is writing his weekly Friday column for The Washington Post. Krauthammer also writes for Jewish World Review, and makes weekly appearances on the PBS news program Inside Washington.

What are the biggest threats the Obama administration poses to the future of the United States?

“I think the most important battle going on right now is about the nature of the American social contract.”

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