Colbert ad promises ‘merciless ad torrent’ to ‘destroy’ Gingrich, Romney

David Martosko | Executive Editor

The super PAC formerly controlled by comedian Stephen Colbert has let loose another ad on the GOP presidential primary field, and no — this one doesn’t describe former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney as a serial killer.

The new ad, unveiled Tuesday night and running tomorrow in Charleston, S.C., takes aim at the surrogate groups supporting Romney and former House Speaker Newt Gingrich.

As the Romney-friendly Restore Our Future and the Gingrich-enamored Winning our Future duke it out with ever-intensifying negative ad campaigns, the Colbert-aligned “Americans for a Better Tomorrow, Tomorrow” super PAC has a solution: obliterate them both.

“Donate today and we’ll destroy both these guys and their super PACs,” the new ad promises, “with a merciless ad torrent so fierce they’ll wish they’d never been incorporated — an orgy of pure distortion leaving nothing behind but the clean campaign we all deserve.”



“Daily Show” host Jon Stewart, who took the reins of Colbert’s super PAC last week, wrote in a press release that since Americans are tired of attack ads from Romney and Gingrich, “we plan to run negative ads attacking their negative ads to make it right. That’ll learn ’em.”

The ad, called “Double Negative,” ends with vintage footage of sausage being made.

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