Union-backed Dems submit 1 million signatures to recall Wisc. governor

Matthew Boyle | Investigative Reporter

National labor union-backed liberal activists have gathered and submitted 1 million signatures in Wisconsin in support of an orchestrated effort to force a recall election against Republican Gov. Scott Walker.

Though the Democrats have no candidate to run against Walker — who they despise for cutting back on public sector unions’ stranglehold on Wisconsin’s coffers — they’re forging ahead with an effort to attack him. They need 540,208 valid signatures to officially ignite a recall election. There has been no indication of how many of the 1 million signatures are valid. (RELATED: The Daily Caller’s exclusive interview with Gov. Walker)

Earlier this year, Wisconsin recall actvists were caught trying to pass “Mickey Mouse” and “Adolf Hitler” off as valid signatures. Tea party organizations, including the Tea Party Express, have vowed to commit resources and volunteers to check each of the million signatures the Democrats filed Tuesday.

Walker’s spokesman, Tom Evenson, said Walker deserves to stay in office and has proven his worthiness as Wisconsin’s governor during his first year.

“In his first year in office, Governor Walker has laid the foundation for a more successful Wisconsin by balancing the state’s budget and eliminating a $3.6 billion deficit without raising taxes or massive state employee layoffs,” Evenson told the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. “More Wisconsinites are back on the job, and Wisconsin’s future looks bright at a time when other states around the nation are strapped with business-killing tax rates and uncontrollable budget deficits.”

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