DeMint: Holder should resign

Matthew Boyle | Investigative Reporter

South Carolina Republican Sen. Jim DeMint became the third U.S. Senator to demand Attorney General Eric Holder’s resignation or firing on Wednesday.

“I have lost confidence because there are a lot of things that have happened: His raid on Gibson Guitar, like they were a bunch of criminals, I mean, these things in addition to just the botched Fast and Furious,” DeMint said in an interview with Glenn Beck TV’s Amy Holmes. “Some of the lawsuits against our state and what they’ve done in this administration — aside from just the Justice Department — like the [National Labor Relations Board] attacking Boeing in South Carolina. And that’s affiliated with the whole justice perspective of this administration.”

“I don’t have very much confidence that we can get justice out of this Justice Department,” DeMint added.

Holmes followed up by asking DeMint, “So are you prepared to call for his resignation?”

“I think I already have,” DeMint replied.

That interview was, in fact, the first time DeMint has called for Holder’s resignation. He joins Republican Sens. Johnny Isakson of Georgia and Jim Inhofe of Oklahoma, 103 members of the House, two sitting governors and all major Republican presidential candidates.

Fellow Republican Sen. Mike Lee — a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee — has not yet called for Holder’s resignation. His spokesman, Brian Phillips, told TheDC that Lee not yet demanding Holder’s resignation doesn’t mean he disagrees with his GOP colleagues who have.

“It’s not that Sen. Lee is defending Holder, or that he disagrees with Isakson [and others] that Holder is potentially a liability, but the attorney general serves at the pleasure of the president,” Phillips said. “That said, in light of the evidence of reckless and cavalier behavior at DOJ, it speaks volumes about the president’s decision to keep Holder on as a member of his cabinet, perhaps suggesting the president condones the decisions that were made.”


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