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Chuck Todd encourages Occupiers and glitterbombers, while somehow blaming their behavior on the Republicans they’re attacking

Via John Nolte at Big Journalism, who breaks down how Todd is trying to spin this as somehow the responsibility of the Republicans. Really, Chuck? If a bunch of teabaggers started throwing glitter at Obama, you’d say it’s his fault? When Obama gets heckled (usually by militant gay-rights activists), he’s responsible for the disruption?

Keep tarnishing that brand, MSNBC. America has turned away from you. And this kind of crap isn’t going to bring them back.

P.S. Meanwhile, in San Francisco: Obama Holds Nob Hill Fundraiser… Massive Tea Party Breaks Out. By the Chuck Todd standard, this is Obama’s fault and it raises questions about whether he’s too divisive for the White House. I’m sure Chuck’ll get right on that.