Breitbart’s blogger brigade pays tribute, remembers fallen conservative general

On Saturday night Conservative bloggers gathered to pay tribute to the late Andrew Breitbart, the colorful conservative activist and founder of the “Bigs,” that stable of websites through which he articulated his “punk rock conservative” message.

The Daily Caller was invited to the celebration of Breitbart’s life and filmed recollections of those who knew Andrew Breitbart as both colleague and friend.

Andrew Langer
President, Institute for Liberty

Anita MonCrief
Founder, Boots of Liberty Task Force (BOLT); Advisory board member of True the Vote

“Andrew Breitbart was a force of nature, a jokester, smart and kind. He assembled a group of lost souls who were battling against corruption and became our shield. He took the blows, so we could be heard. Andrew’s life force was so strong, he could suck the air out of a room just by being Andrew. He was so alive and enjoyed every minute of it.”

Matthew Vadum
Senior Editor, Capital Research Center

“Andrew was a fellow warrior and a friend. He lived to fight. I am a better person because I knew him.”

Lachlan Markay
Investigative reporter, the Heritage Foundation’s Center for Media and Public Policy

Tabitha Hale
Director of New Media, Franklin Center 

Glenn Reynolds
Blogger: “InstaPundit” 

Brandon Darby
Staff writer, Breitbart.com

“Andrew was my friend and mentor. Amazing how many people can say that.”

Robert Stacy McCain
Blogger, “The Other McCain” 

Matt Kibbe
President and CEO, FreedomWorks 

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