Levin to conservative Limbaugh critics: ‘Do not ever throw our leaders under the bus’

On his show Monday, conservative talk show host Mark Levin reacted to the controversy surrounding his daytime colleague Rush Limbaugh and advised conservatives to proceed cautiously when deciding whether to lash out at one of their own.

“Now I want to speak to you conservatives briefly,” he said. “Do not ever throw out leaders under the bus, unless they’ve done something so reprehensible, so unacceptable that they should be. Do not allow the left — do not allow the left to define our terms because if they do, we’re done.”

Levin, the author of “Ameritopia: The Unmaking of America,” explained that conservatives faced an uphill fight because of media bias and the efforts of some liberal activist groups to control the national conversation.

“We knew going into this that the media hate us,” he continued. “That the media, Media Matters — all these left-wing groups are all one in the same, that they work together, that they work their talking points — never against the left, always against us, always.”

Levin said despite mistakes made by conservatives talkers like Limbaugh, the bigger fight involves the left’s ultimate goals.

“Those of us that speak behind these microphones five days a week, 15 hours a week, we make mistakes,” he said. “We try to keep them to a minimum, but we make mistakes. And when we make mistakes we should apologize because mistakes are not intentional.”

“But that said, the left is advancing an agenda that is turning our society upside-down. They are destroying our society. They are fundamentally transforming it. That’s not a mistake. That’s a strategy. Stand strong, be strong. We’re fighting out this Republican nomination process. We’re duking it out and we should. And when we’re done, then we’re going to focus on our real adversaries and we’re going to defeat them because if we don’t, they’ll defeat us.”

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