Now you can order a topless maid just like a pizza

Taylor Bigler | Entertainment Editor

If you’ve ever asked your significant other to clean in the buff and you were rebuffed — and you happen to live in Texas — think about calling Lubbock Fantasy Maid Service.

For $100 per hour, Melissa Borrett, who started the company in February, will clean your house in lingerie or completely topless. For $50 more, you can order two topless maids at the same time.

Despite the inherently sexual nature of naked mopping and dusting, the company’s website says, “While we do offer nude maid service, this is not a sexually oriented business.”

But the shirtless Swiffering has caught the attention of the Lubbock Police Department, who says the business is in fact sexually oriented, and that it is acting without the proper permit.

“Just the fact employees are topless or semi nude in this case — it’s just not allowed,” Sergeant Jonathan Stewart told KCBD. “Without a permit would result in a penalty of a $2,000 fine. Each day would result in another penalty,” Stewart said.

The company’s website states that it is unacceptable to solicit a maid for sexual services, but that the maids will perform topless cleaning for nudists under certain conditions: “If the nudist answers the door nude AND has immediate family (mixed gender) present (clothed or nude) then the customer may also be nude. The relation must be provable by identification and the family members must be clealy visible upon opening the door.”

Well, that loophole should certainly clear up any misunderstanding regarding the legality of the Lubbock Fantasy Maid Service.

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