Lil Wayne will show us how to love

Taylor Bigler | Entertainment Editor

When thinking about Lil Wayne*, the first adjective that comes to mind probably isn’t “romantic.”

After a quick sampling of some of Weezy’s song titles (“Hoes,” “Gonorrhea” and “Blunt Blowin'” to name a few), not to mention the incredibly explicit lyrics of just about every song he’s ever written — it can be concluded that he isn’t exactly the sensitive type.

But much to the world’s surprise, the rapper is set to show off his soft side with an album of full of semi-love songs, he tells MTV’s “Hip Hop POV.”

The rapper said he wrote the album, “Devol” –“love” spelled backwards — while doing eight months at Rikers Island for illegally possessing a handgun in New York City.

“It’s my version of love songs,” he says. “What I mean by my version of love songs is they’re not saying ‘I love you.'”

*Side note: Lil Wayne has a penis tattooed in between his eyes.

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