Axelrod: Trump made ‘a fool of himself’ [VIDEO]

In an appearance set to air tonight on Current TV’s “The War Room with Jennifer Granholm,” chief strategist for President Barack Obama‘s re-election campaign David Axelrod responded to real estate mogul Donald Trump’s recent comments questioning the validity of Obama’s birth certificate.

According to Axelrod, it’s less about Trump and more about Romney in this situation. (RELATED: Full coverage of the Obama campaign)

“I don’t have the requisite degrees to climb into Donald Trump’s head or even his hair, so I don’t know what motivates him,” Axelrod said. “The question is why Gov. Romney wouldn’t repudiate those tactics, and how on a day where Donald Trump makes such a — frankly, a fool of himself in terms of his performance on CNN around this issue, why would he stand with him and not have anything to say about it?”


Axelrod surmised that Romney’s motivations were financial.

“I think it’s a, you know he said the other night — well I’m not going to repudiate him because I need 50.5 percent of vote,” he continued. “I think Mitt Romney will do what he thinks is good for Mitt Romney. He thinks this is good for him. He needs Donald Trump’s money, he wants Donald Trump’s money, and therefore he’ll tolerate whatever Donald Trump has to say.”

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