Because you asked: Miley Cyrus in various states of undress [SLIDESHOW]

Miley Cyrus’ first sexy photos leaked when she was only 15. Since then, the actress and singer has lived in various states of undress.

From the dreaded sideboob to barely-there leather shorts, the newly engaged 19-year old can’t seem to keep her clothes on, much less remember to strap on a bra.

So much for Hannah Montana. Clearly, her wardrobe “Can’t Be Tamed.” (Get it? Like the name of her 2010 album.)

Check out some of her more memorable outfits below. Not to worry, everything is legal here: All the photos were taken after Miley’s 18th bithday.

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  • We have to admit it: Cyrus has amazing legs. (Photo: Alfredo Rocha)
  • Miley seems to have forgotten her bra. Once again. (Photo: The Superficial)
  • Miley has some serious sideboob going on here. Correct us if we're wrong but the lack of bra and huge arm hole screams intentional. (Photo: Lady Celebs)
  • Cyrus recently posted this picture of her tanned legs in silky lingerie to Twitter. Apparently, she's giving up pretending sexy photos were "leaked."  (Photo: Hollywood Gossip)
  • Cyrus seems to be channeling 1960s pin-up girls here with this boudoir shot. (Photo: The Superficial)
  • Yet again, someone leaked risque photos of the starlet. The hat doesn't jive with the sexy face and lingerie. We aren't sure if she's going for a flapper or stripper look here. (Photo: Hollywood Life)
  • Those leather shorts (underwear? bikini bottom?) don't even begin to cover her legs. (Photo: Fashion Bikini Girls)
  • The starlet showed off her lacy bra and short shorts soon after her 18th birthday in December 2010. Frankly, we're most confused by her friends in leather. (Photo: The Blemish)
  • Someone supposedly leaked this photo of Cyrus trying on what looks like a sexy witch costume. (Photo: G Celeb) Dec 2010
  • She showed off a lot of skin in this leather monokini getup. Say what you like about her as a person, she has a fantastic figure. (Photo: Pop on the Pop)

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