VP Talk: Sen. Ayotte says she would have different philosophy from Biden [VIDEO]

Jamie Weinstein | Senior Writer

While dodging questions about speculation that she is under consideration to be Mitt Romney’s vice presidential nominee, New Hampshire Republican Sen. Kelly Ayotte told The Daily Caller that she certainly has a different governing philosophy than the current vice president.

“You know I’m a strong support of Gov. Romney as the next president of the United States, and his philosophy is so different from this president’s,” she told TheDC in an extensive interview in her Senate office. “As would mine be, certainly, a philosophy very different from a Joe Biden not only in terms of foreign policy, but also just where our economy is right now.”

Ayotte also discusses an event she attended with the Romneys that included Aerosmith singer Steven Tyler, and said she will be campaigning with Romney in New Hampshire on Friday. Still, she insists that the Romney campaign has not contacted her to say she is under VP consideration.

Check back to TheDC later Friday to see Ayotte’s comments on Iran, Syria and the recent national security leaks. And check back next week to see Ayotte discuss the threat posed by defense sequestration.

Videography by Sean Rainey

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