New poll finds bipartisan support for Eric Holder’s resignation

Matthew Boyle | Investigative Reporter

Rasmussen Reports released a new poll Friday indicating that more Americans want Attorney General Eric Holder to resign over Operation Fast and Furious than those who want him to stay.

The polling data shows that 40 percent of likely voters want Holder to resign, whereas only 27 percent think he should stay. Thirty-three percent of likely voters are undecided on the issue.

Poll crosstabs provided to The Daily Caller show that Democrats and Republicans nationwide desire Holder’s resignation.

Twenty-one percent of voters likely to support Democrats want Holder to leave office, and 63 percent of likely Republican voters want him gone. Thirty-four percent of voters likely to cast ballots for “other” want Holder gone too.

This bipartisan support for Holder’s ouster stands in stark contrast to what’s happening on Capitol Hill. No elected Democrats have joined 129 House Republicans, five Senate Republicans, two sitting Republican governors or presumptive GOP presidential nominee Mitt Romney in demanding Holder’s resignation.

The polling data also shows that only about 50 percent of likely voters have either “very closely” or “somewhat closely” followed the Fast and Furious scandal as it has unfolded.

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