TheDC Morning: Bye Bye Biden?

Will Rahn | Senior Editor

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1.) Herman Cain for Poet Laureate? – Former GOP hopeful and Donna Summer super fan Herman Cain is now writing poetry to promote his speaking engagements. TheDC’s Alex Pappas has the scoop, and an exclusive poem from the Hermanator himself:

“999 9th Street (By Herman Cain)
999 9th street is the place to be.
The Renaissance hotel in Washington, D.C.
A major conference there was meant to be.
Where Mr. 999 is scheduled to speak.
Some will say, it is just pure luck.
Others will say, it’s for a few bucks.
To heck with the skeptics who don’t have a plan.
Because 999 has captivated the Land.
So jeer if you will the 999 man.
Soon it will become, the law of the Land.
‘He’s Baaack’”

Hey, remember when Herman Cain was the front-runner for the Republican presidential nomination a few months ago? Haha. Good times.

2.) Bye Bye Biden? – New Hampshire Sen. Kelly Ayotte, who might be your next vice president, says she’d have a different way of dealing with the world than Joe “Hennessy” Biden. TheDC’s Jamie Weinstein reports:

“‘You know I’m a strong supporter of Gov. Romney as the next president of the United States, and his philosophy is so different from this president’s,’ she told TheDC in an extensive interview in her Senate office. ‘As would mine be, certainly, a philosophy very different from a Joe Biden not only in terms of foreign policy, but also just where our economy is right now.’”

Thanks, Senator — It’s important to know where someone stands on issues like the economy and foreign policy before that person ascends to a position as dull and powerless as the vice presidency. Also, here’s a clip of Ann Margret singing “Bye Bye Birdie.” Get it? Like the name of the post?

3.) Are Politicians Trying To Manipulate Us? – Florida politician Marco Rubio certainly seems to think so. TheDC’s Michelle Fields and Sarah Hoffman have footage of another person who could be vice president sounding off on divisive Democratic tactics.

“They say things that are deeply divisive, by design. They tell our fellow Americans that the reasons why they’re worse off is because other people are doing too well. That the way to protect your job is to raise your bosses taxes. That the only way you can climb up the economic latter is for you to give us the power to pull some people down. They literally pit Americans against each other by design for purposes of winning an election. And that’s never who we’ve been. That never is who we have been aspired to be and that is not who we should become, and yet that is what is at issue in these elections.”

4.) Is TheDC’s Chris Bedford Starting To Lose It? – Daily Caller editor and unrepentant Boston hooligan Chris Bedford is out with his latest batch of hard-hitting and at times surreal beer reviews:

“If there’s one solid piece of evidence that man-made global warming is a crock, it’s this: It’s mid-June and we don’t want to kill ourselves yet. Also, our homeboy posted some Facebook pictures of mad hailstorms in Texas and we haven’t seen a polar teddy drowning, like, ever. So to commemorate the immortality of Western Civ, as well as this mild spring, The Daily Caller broke out an ancient beer. Also, a Mexican beer. And guess what — they both have fruit in them. Maybe the end of days is upon us after all.”

5.) Poll of the Day — More Americans still blame Bush for economic woes: A Gallup poll finds that 68 percent of Americans think former President George W. Bush is still at least somewhat to blame for the nation’s economic troubles, while only 52 percent say the same of President Obama.

6.) Tweet of YesterdayRob Delaney: Siri, is Jesus Christ sending me messages through crows?

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