Greg Gutfeld on John Roberts: ‘He said balls and strikes. He didn’t have the b***s to strike it down’

On Tuesday’s “The Five” on the Fox News Channel, co-host Greg Gutfeld said that Chief Justice John Roberts was cowardly to side with the Supreme Court’s four more liberal justices to uphold President Barack Obama’s health care reform law.

In 2005 during his confirmation hearing, Roberts said he would be the court’s neutral arbiter of “all balls and strikes.”

Gutfeld pointed to the heat Roberts took from the likes of MSNBC host Chris Matthews before the health care decision was announced, and retorted: “He said balls and strikes… He didn’t have the b—s to strike it down.”

“See how I edited myself?” Gutfeld added. “I want to go back to Chris Matthews when he said, when he compared John Roberts to was it Roger Taney? I can’t remember — the judge who upheld the Fugitive Slave Act.”

The media, Gutfeld said, acted as an agent of the Obama White House, eventually changing Roberts’ opinion.

“Basically, the media was acting as mafia muscle,” he continued. “They were telling Roberts if you know what is good for you, if you ever want to be popular, you better do the right thing. Roberts chose cocktail parties over the Constitution. I hope the weenies were worth it.”

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