Carville admits being on the Hillary Clinton 2016 wagon [VIDEO]

Jeff Poor | Media Reporter

On ABC’s “The View” on Tuesday, former adviser to President Bill Clinton and CNN contributor James Carville said he hopes Secretary of State Hillary Clinton makes another run for the White House.

During an appearance to promote his new book “It’s the Middle Class, Stupid,” Carville was asked if he had any interaction with President Barack Obama concerning the upcoming election. Carville said he had not heard from Obama, and admitted to being “a Clinton person” rather than an out-and-out Obama loyalist.

“The president doesn’t call me,” he said. “David Axelrod is a very good friend of mine. And I feel like if I had something to say, I could. But I’m not an Obama person. I’m a Clinton person. And that’s just the sort of nature of the way politics is. And we were our own people and we had our own thing. They had their own people and they had every right to do that.”

Co-host Barbara Walters asked Carville if he hoped we would see a Hillary Clinton run for president in 2016. “God, I hope so, but that’s 2016,” Carville replied.

“I got to get through this one first,” he continued. “I would be delighted — you know, I was for her in 2008. So obviously I hope she runs in 2016.”

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