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In the mood for some delicious mashed potatoes and gravy, but you’re in a 7/11 in Singapore?

Just turn around. There, right behind you!

This is a real thing that exists in real life:

Sometimes all it takes is an idea. This one is from a Swiss company called Maggi, and I hereby take back every bad thing I’ve said about the Swiss. (Their cheese is pretty good too!)

Apparently these mashed-potato machines aren’t available in the States yet, and they never will be if Michael Bloomberg has anything to say about it. I may just have to fly off to Singapore to experience this miracle of modern technology. And if I fail to dispose of the empty container in a designated waste receptacle, they’ll beat my ass bloody with a bamboo cane. But isn’t that a small price to pay for such deliciousness?

(Hat tip: Gizmodo)