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No fair bringing up the Obama stimulus money, Mitt

There are many reasons The Evil Mitt Romney is evil and bad. He makes a lot of money. (Boooooo!) He put his dog on top of a car without even eating it. (Hissssssss!!) He worked for the company that literally broke Batman’s back. (Get off the stage, ya bum!!!)

But perhaps the most evil reason for The Evil Mitt Romney’s evil is that he’s made investments overseas. That’s right, he stooped that low. What kind of American lets his money go to other countries? Is The Evil Mitt Romney’s money too fancy for us Americans? “Oooh, lookit me, I’m so fancy!

What do you have to say for yourself, The Evil Mitt Romney?


…oh yeah? Well… no, you are. Shut up. And stop directly quoting Democrats in your campaign ads!

Hey, have you seen the good guy’s newest slogan?

Obama 2012: Smart, Hardworking Americans Owe Me.