New book: Obama’s 2nd term will feature ‘green bank,’ more energy stimulus, talk radio censorship

A new book claims that if President Barack Obama is re-elected in November, he’d take his Solyndra-esque “green” agenda several steps further with many new “progressive” policies – including a “massive ‘green’ stimulus.”

In “Fool Me Twice,” which will be released on Aug. 7, WorldNetDaily’s Aaron Klein and Brenda J. Elliott lay out a vision of what Obama’s second-term agenda would look like – and The Daily Caller has gotten an exclusive look at the plans Klein and Elliott say Obama would have for his “green” agenda.

Specifically, Klein and Elliott write that Obama would establish a “green bank” and try to “’green’ the Pentagon, even as America’s true defense capabilities are radically diminished,” all while launching a “giant international spread-the-wealth scheme, with Uncle Sam paying penalties to the developing world for our ‘climate crimes,’ based on the questionable ‘science’ behind global warming.”

The authors also say Obama will implement a “new massive ‘green’ stimulus,” the consequences of the failures surround Obama’s 2009 stimulus – and the crony capitalism behind loan guarantees like Solyndra – be damned.

Klein and Elliott add that “integral to the progressives’ green agenda is the ‘shutting up’ of conservative opposition to bogus ‘climate science,’ its corrupt cronyism and financially unsustainable green industries.”

“This includes revived proposals for using the Federal Communications Commission to shut down conservative talk radio critics of the green (and greed) agenda,” the authors write.

The way Klein and Elliott deduce Obama’s upcoming green agenda is from a series of organizations connected directly to the president’s policymaking. “An organization that calls itself the Presidential Climate Action Project, or PCAP, has been working with the Obama administration since day one to help craft and implement White House environmental policy,” they wrote.

“If Obama is reelected, progressive plans backed up by proposed legislation aim for an immediate and massive increase in federal funding for domestic ‘green’ projects,” they added. “A seminal November 2010 report by the de facto policy nerve center of the Obama White House, the Center for American Progress, titled ‘Cutting the Cost of Clean Energy 1.0,’ recommends a de facto federal ‘green bank’ for the sole purpose of loaning or granting public funds to so-called clean energy companies.”

Klein and Elliott point out that the Center for American Progress (CAP) report calls for the establishment of an “Energy Independence Trust,” that would “borrow from the federal treasury to provide low-cost financing to private-sector investments in clean energy.”

The authors then highlight how President Obama used his most recent State of the Union address – the last one before the upcoming November election – to call for “exactly” what far left wing advocates at CAP have been demanding for a “full fourteen months.”

That’s because “the direct links between the seven authors of CAP’s Energy Trust report and the Obama administration leave little to the imagination about how the progressive think tank’s recommendations become Obama’s policies.”