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Ann Romney, right, cheers for her horse at the London Olympics (Photo: AP) Ann Romney, right, cheers for her horse at the London Olympics (Photo: AP)  

Ann Romney named chairman of Women for Mitt Coalition

The day contraception activist Sandra Fluke is set to appear with President Barack Obama at a campaign stop to highlight the president’s focus on women’s issues, Republican candidate Mitt Romney announced his Women for Mitt Coalition.

The “coalition” is comprised of many familiar Romney supporters, including former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice, a slew of female Republican lawmakers and the wives of a number of Romney’s former GOP nomination challengers.

“I’m honored to have these strong and talented women on my team and am humbled by their support,” Romney said in a statement Wednesday. “Across the country, people are struggling as a result of President Obama’s poor stewardship over our economy. I’m grateful to these women for joining me in my campaign to replace this administration’s failed policies with a pro-growth vision for our extraordinary nation.”

Romney’s own wife, Ann Romney, is the new coalition’s chairman.

“I’m proud to be heading up this effort to reach out to women voters,” said Ann Romney. “There is no doubt that women will play a critical role in determining the outcome of this election, and that’s something Mitt understands well. He also knows how to turn around this economy so that it will better serve the interests of women and families across America.” (SEE ALSO: DNC apologizes for offending Ann Romney’s horse)

While the Washington Free Beacon has been running a series on the salary inequities between men and women in Democratic offices and campaigns, Democrats and the Obama campaign has been attacking Romney for being out of touch with the fairer sex, especially due to his more conservative positions on issues like Planned Parenthood and health care reform.

Washington Republican Rep. Cathy McMorris Rodgers, a Women for Mitt honorary co-chair, said the election should be about Obama’s leadership failures and not the so-called “War on Women.”

“All across America, women are tired of the President’s failed policies,” said McMorris Rodgers in a statement. “Since President Obama can’t run on his record, he’s resorted to scare tactics to distract and divide women – namely, the so-called ‘War on Women,’ which is a total myth. The women of America aren’t falling for it. They want real solutions and real leadership. Mitt Romney will provide that leadership.”

Former Massachusetts Lieutenant Gov. Kerry Healey added that the former governor has a clear record of supporting women. (RELATED: Sandra Fluke: Romney will ‘never stand up for women’)

“During the time he was Governor, women composed half of Gov. Romney’s cabinet and many more served as highly-respected, top-level advisers,” said Healey. “I’m confident that a Romney presidency would continue to show that same kind of appreciation for the value of women’s voices and women’s skills to the project of renewing our country.”