Top 10: Reasons to strive for 22 Olympic medals [SLIDESHOW]

Michael Phelps finished his career as an Olympic swimmer with an impressive 22 medals — the most of any athlete in history.

Phelps might be feeling some nostalgia and sadness at the end of his long, lustrous swimming career, but the world soon learned that he had swapped out his medals for a model, aspiring swimsuit and fashion model, Megan Rossee.

All you have to do is swim your way to 18 Olympic gold medals and four silver ones to to taken home this tall, blonde, frequently half-naked consolation prize.

All images via MeganRossee.com.

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  • For those of you wondering about her measurements, Rossee is 5'9" and 125 pounds.
  • Even in more clothing, she still looks pretty decent.
  • Rossee is very enthusiastic about her career. "I love what I do and hope to further my career as a model as well as a performer," she says.
  • Rossee and Phelps' romance reportedly began in January, back when he only had 14 Olympic medals.
  • When not modeling, Megan is a cocktail waitress in Los Angeles.
  • Megan has tweeted about her love for cheeseburgers.
  • She will also pose in this precarious position.
  • Although Megan will not pose nude, she WILL pose seductively in black lingerie. So there's that.
  • According to her Model Mayhem profile, she is "super easy going and pretty much down for any type of project (that doesn't involve nudity)."
  • Megan often tweets out her horoscope. She is an Aries, for your information.

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