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Don’t worry, America, the Secret Service probably won’t keep leaving their weapons in airplane bathrooms

Some careless agent may have just courtesy-flushed his career. CBS News:

A gun belonging to a member of Mitt Romney’s U.S. Secret Service detail was found unattended in the bathroom of the candidate’s charter plane Wednesday afternoon. The Republican nominee was traveling from Tampa, Fla., site of his party’s convention, to Indianapolis, Ind., for a speech.

The weapon, presumably left behind in the bathroom by accident, was discovered by a CBS News/National Journal reporter, who alerted a flight attendant about the gun. A member of the Secret Service on board the plane was informed and retrieved the gun…

Secret Service spokesman Ed Donovan told CBS News/National Journal in a statement: “We are aware of the incident. We take the care and custody of our equipment, especially firearms, very seriously. We will deal with this matter internally and in an appropriate manner.”

I can think of one explanation, but it doesn’t seem likely that the guy could sneak a hooker onboard.

Sheesh. Is anybody else a little nervous about the Secret Service leaving guns lying around? For Pete’s sake, it’s not like they’re the ATF.

I don’t know if Andy Borowitz or John Fugelsang or any of those other hilarious comedians have made any jokes about this yet, but maybe they can say something like, “Then Romney bought the whole airport and fired everybody!” See, because he’s rich.