Alec Baldwin looking angry [SLIDESHOW]

Photo of Taylor Bigler
Taylor Bigler
Entertainment Editor

There are many times when actor Alec Baldwin does not look angry. But there are many, many more times when actor Alec Baldwin does look angry.

From physical altercations with photographers to icy death stares, Baldwin is notorious for his hot temper.

Check out this slideshow of Baldwin’s infamous bouts of fury:

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  • Alec doesn't look so much angry here as he looks sinister.
  • Baldwin gives a photographer a good talking to.
  • Even when he is excited, Alec looks angry.
  • Alec is just mad that he got caught walking around New York City with his pink baby blanket.
  • The anger just emanates from his eyes.
  • You would be angry, too, if you toupee looked like that.
  • Did this paparazzo deserve to be shoved? Probably. Does Alec Baldwin still have anger management issues? Definitely.
  • By this point, photographers should just expect to be verbally or physically assaulted when Alec is around.
  • Nobody would want to be on the receiving end of that death stare.
  • If you are in a tuxedo in the middle of the day, you have nothing to be angry about.

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