Dennis Miller: Every time Egypt screws up, take aid intended for it and send to Israel

Jeff Poor | Media Reporter

On Wednesday’s broadcast of Fox News Channel’s “The O’Reilly Factor,” comedian Dennis Miller reacted to President Barack Obama’s Tuesday night appearance on CBS’s “Late Night with David Letterman.”

During the weekly “Miller Time” segment, host Bill O’Reilly noted that Obama chooses words that don’t really communicate any sort of message. Miller agreed, and argued that it was time the president sent a real “message to the Muslim world.”

“Billy, if you’re going to take the high road on the war on terrorism, you’re going to end up having a great seat to witness your own demise,” Miller said. “He’s got to send a message to the Muslim world. He’s also got to send a message to this country — that we’re not going to frog walk idiots in El Cerritos out their front door and take pictures of them on-demand like we’re Pavlov’s dog from the Muslim world. That guy’s a cretin for God’s sakes, forget him.”

“But you know something — we got lay a bigger marker down over in that part of the world,” Miller said. “This is what happens when you’re deemed to be the weak horse. I think we’re deemed to be the riderless horse in that part of the world right now. We’ve got to send a message and you know, I think the only thing we’re sending right now is Ben Bernanke with QE3 and the additional pump of the Fed has so devalued our dollar now that the $2 billion we send to Egypt is a big slap in the face. That’s about all we done to send them a message.”

Miller suggested that one way to get their attention would be to send U.S. foreign aid earmarked for Egypt to Israel instead whenever Egypt fails to live up to expectations the United States’ expectations.

“Well, go a step further — stop paying Peter and pay Saul,” Miller said. “Push it all into Israel’s corner. Say ‘every time one of you guys screw up, not only are we cutting the check off to you — we’re sending it over to Netanyahu. Now stop it.’ That’ll get their attention.”

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