Matt Lewis

Are voters waiting until the last minute to fire Obama?

In recent weeks, Romney’s campaign has seemed moribund. As one friend observed, “This is the first campaign in history that is trying to run out the clock while they’re still behind.”

Yet, there still is time on the clock. And it’s not absurd to believe Romney could miraculously score just as the final seconds expire.

There very well may be a deus ex machina — a plot twist introduced suddenly — that would make all the polls and predictions look foolish.

For example, a second friend (I have several) offers this theory: “People like Obama. He’s like your buddy — and you wouldn’t fire your buddy on a Tuesday. You’d try to put it off. Maybe he will improve? But when you had to fire him, you’d do it on a Friday — and then take him out for a beer.”

Could it be that a undecided voters are putting off this decision until the last minute — waiting, metaphorically, until Friday to fire Obama?

(As one of The Bobs might say, “Studies have statistically shown that there’s less chance of an incident if you do it at the end of the week.)