15 cats that are ready for fall [SLIDESHOW]

The temperature is dropping, pumpkin spiced lattes are back and cats are wearing sweaters. This can only mean one thing: Fall is here.

It’s already been decided that there is nothing better than animals acting like humans. And while we don’t condone animals in dumb costumes (exception: pugs in bee costumes), we think that we can all agree that every cat needs at least one sweater.

Here’s the proof:

Click an image below for larger version.
  • If you don't think this is the cutest thing ever, you have no soul.
  • A lightweight sweater for lounging indoors is a necessity, as this tabby cat knows all too well.
  • Mom had to go and stick that ribbon on the front, didn't she?
  • "I-have-been-expecting-you" cat.
  • "Honey, where's the remote?"
  • You would think that because this cat is so fluffy, it doesn't need a sweater -- but you would be wrong. Every cat needs a sweater.
  • These guys keep sweaters on hand at all times, since they are naked and all.
  • A hood adds an urban flavor to the classic cable-knit.
  • Looks like grandma kind of phoned this one in.
  • This is the Chandler Bing of cat sweater vests.
  • This cat in the argyle sweater means business.
  • The one on the left is clearly jealous of his friend's stylish yet comfortable turtleneck.
  • Someone should tell him that it's a little gauche to bust out the Christmas sweaters this early. Come on.
  • This guy knows that it's all about form and function.

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