Kanye West has two sex tapes that he doesn’t want you to see

Taylor Bigler | Entertainment Editor

It looks like there actually is something that can make the attention-seeking Kanye West clam up: The rapper has two sex tapes, and he doesn’t want anybody to see them.

A lawyer for West issued a cease and desist letter to several media outlets that are considering buying a tape that surfaced last week, which reportedly features a woman with a striking resemblance to his current lady friend, Kim Kardashian.

West’s lawyer claims that the tape was “stolen” from the rapper’s computer, and threatened legal action against anyone who puts screenshots or excerpts of the tape online, AllHipHop reports.

The tape is reportedly being shopped around by an anonymous person to the highest bidder. Last week, adult entertainment website Sex.com offered the peddler $1 million for the tape.

According to TMZ, West is fond of making home videos because a second tape of the rapper surfaced over the weekend.

Now, West and Kardashian have something more than stratospherically high self-esteem in common: Kardashian’s fame can be traced back to a widely distributed 2007 vacation sex tape.

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